Lead The Way: Phase 01

by: Rtr.Ravindu Perera

A leader with a bloated vision could lead his or her subordinates astray. Nevertheless a leader with a prominent and a strategic vision could lead his or her subordinates through obstacles to achieve immense greatness. With the aim of initiating that kind of vision into action, the first phase of the Training and Leadership Development initiative by the Rotaract District 3220 was held on 3rd of September 2016 at Coffee Bean Orion City from 8.30 am onwards with Mr. Rohan Jayaweera, COO of Antyra Solutions (pvt) Ltd. engaged with the audience – “If they don’t respect you they don’t deserve to be your friend” a statement given by the speaker himself during the program. The event was jointly hosted by Rotaract Clubs of SLIIT, University of Sri-Jayewardenepura and Panadura.


After an introduction done by one of the fellow Rotaractors, Mr. Jayaweera took the stage in order to proceed with his session on explaining ‘What it actually means to be a leader and how to become an outstanding leader’ to the crowd who were present there exceeding numbers.

During the first few minutes of session he took the audience back in time elucidating what kind of hardships he had to face throughout the years of high school, university, employment and how he was able to keep his head held high during those time periods. One good example he mentioned was his employment as a Disk Jockey (DJ) during his university life followed by economic hardships. And then how he rose up to be the country consultant for a multinational technology company such as Google representing Sri-Lanka.


Next few minutes of the session was followed by running through a presentation prepared by Mr. Jayaweera. And according to him one of the key points to becoming a better leader is having humility within oneself. The example he took in order to describe this quality was rather astonishing. Which being, the designing and implementation of ‘Google doodle’ of Sri-Lankan flag to commemorate Independence Day celebrations of Sri-Lanka was done by Mr. Rohan Jayaweera and how he kept it from being a well-known fact among public.


During the final few minutes of the session, the discussion took a rather interesting turn as the audience joined in with their inimitable questions. After two hours compelling guidance, the session was concluded successfully after handing over a token of appreciation to the keynote speaker by DRR Past President Rtr. Mohamed Husni.

As one of the host clubs of this memorable event we would like to thank DRR Past President Rtr. Mohamed Husni and DRRE Past President Rtr. Anuradha Senanayake for their support and guidance, and Rtr. Mahima Weerasinghe, Rtr. Akila Maheshi Devendra, Rtr. Aqeel Rizni and Rtr. Abdul Baasit Sathar from the district committee for being with us and helping us throughout the event.

Few more phases of Training and Leadership Development program will be continued in the future and we encourage members from different clubs to participate and support in this endeavor in creating outstanding leaders.


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