Installation Preparations

Preparing an Installation ceremony while with studies? You’d say what’s the fun there by ruining the both? I’d say it’s an occupational hazard for a Rotaractor and it’s nothing.  I was selected as the project Co-chairperson of the Installation Ceremony under the newly appointed president Rtr. Vinura Ganegoda. Along with me, Rtr. Gavindu Saranga and Rtr. Sandali Thiranagama were appointed as the Co-chairpersons for the project and the fun and all the pressure began.

The Board selected 22nd of July as the date for the 5th Installation Ceremony and then we chose a location for the Ceremony which should be somewhere close to Colombo and we looked for recommendations. After having a discussion with the IPP and the upcoming president we selected the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Auditorium as the venue.

With the date and the venue, we went ahead for the major part of the process, the preparations and arrangements. We decided to create committees for each task which goes as decorations and arrangements. And of course, girls voluntarily chose decorations, they chose ‘color theme’ for the ceremony and me and Gavindu decided to let them do their work as a team and the outcome was a huge success. I’d like to mention our Lecturer-in-charge Mr. Indraka Udayakumara sir who helped us by giving all the guidance and support for the installation process.

While girls looking into all the decorations, boys went for other matters including printing and making the necessary arrangements with the Institute. Since we are an institute based club, we have to follow the guild lines given by SLIIT. Surath and Bhanuka handled the Event Form and Shenuka, Rajitha and Chameera were guided to handle IT matters which includes video making and all the technical issues and matters goes with the installation. Ashane and Virajith chose the printing section and we helped them with their work. Chanura and others were added to the decoration committee because girls were too slow when it comes to bringing the necessary items for decorations and with all the shopping stuff. (And I’m ready to have a backfire from girls after this article goes on blog). Our team printed the Invitation Cards before 1st of July which is before the District Assembly.  The invitations were distributed by the board on the day of the District Assembly.

With all the installation preparations going on, our board decided to take a small break by arranging a Barbeque Night and it was so awesome with all the fellowship. And of cause everyone from the board went for sponsorship hunting as well as add hunting for the souvenir. Luckily SLIIT Computing agreed with us to be our Main Sponsor for the installation. Ms. Chintha Ediriweera, the Head of Administrations of SLIIT Computing was so helpful and she always stayed in touch with us and overlooked for our requirements. As well as Mr. Panduka Mallawarachchi, theHead of Administrations of SLIIT guided us and supported us throughout the process.

And our board did well with finding sponsorships and advertisements for the souvenir and the souvenirs were ready to print and all the preparation were arranged on time. Big thanks goes out to Gavindu and Sandali, who helped me a lot by arranging all the budget and transactions as well as with documentations. Even though managing Accounts is so stressful; my buddy Gavindu managed to do it so well and Sandali, in my words ‘Secretary Nangi’, she did a great job with all the documentations and coordination while my best friend, the upcoming President Vinura guided us throughout the installation preparation and always checked on us while Kavinda aiya, my beloved IPP being there with us through the entire process.

So here I am writing this two days before the 5th installation Ceremony of RACSLIIT. With all the challenges, with all the dedication, arguments and fights, I found an amazing team which basically became my family and their dedication brought us here, the outcome will be amazing and it will be a special Installation Ceremony for all of us.

Written by-

Rtr. Sethil Muhandiram

Vice president 2017-18

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