A Journey and Beyond

On the 20th of June 2013, the Rotaract Club of SLIIT was established under the patronage of the Rotary Club of Battaramulla, with the main aim of rendering a social service to community though the collective efforts of the undergraduates at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology following various degree programs in Information Technology, Business Management and Engineering.

Rotaract Club of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology is a club which has access to many different aspects of the social mechanism in the country through their untiring work and boasts of rich experience in different social areas.

Despite being a newly chartered Rotaract Club, the Rotaract Club of SLIIT performed exceptionally well in the past Rotaract year. Having won 11 awards including best Charter Club for the year 2013-2014, the club has been able to achieve great heights within its short tenure. Among the numerous projects completed in the Rotaract years 2013-2017, some of the most memorable projects are briefly elaborated below.

Signature Projects from 2013-2017

Installation Ceremony

Continuing the legacy of Rotaract Club of SLIIT, the induction of the new office bearers of each happens during the start of the year.






Community Service


Sightaract is a community service project we completed during the 2013-14 under the guidance of president Rtr. PP. Imalsha Udawatte, the project was chaired by Rtr. Lahiru Malaka. Main objective of this project was to raise funds and accommodate 10 unfortunate cataract patients to do their operations which was dream before the project due to their financial status.

Project Care to Share

Project Care to Share was another initiation during the year 2013-14. The first phase was done during President Rtr. PP. Imalsha Udawatta’s period by donating 1200+ books to the library of Piliyandala Kanishta Vidayala. The books were collected from the students of SLIIT in a span of a month.

The second phase project care to share was done during the year 2015-16 under the guidance of Rtr. IPP. Chatura Alawattegama. In that project the club donated musical instruments for the Chamara Pre School, Uda Karavita in aid with other Rotaract Clubs of District 3220 Rotaract Sri Lanka.

The third phase of the project was carried out during 2016-17 under the guidance of President Rtr. Kavinda Bandulasena. Here the Rotaract Club of SLIIT went far away from Colombo to do the community Service. We donated 100,000 LKR worth stationary and library books to Mudunkadawala Primary School, Siripura, Dimbulagala, and Pollonnaruwa.

After the conclusion of the third phase in Mudunkadawala Primary School, the principal of that school revealed us about a deadly issue happening around. It is the consumption of drugs and alcohol by school children in the age of 14-17. After some research as another community service initiative the President Rtr. Kavinda Bandulasena initiated the phase 4 of the Care to Share Project. Here the main idea was to educate the children who still haven’t got affected by drugs and rehabilitate the children who have already got affected by the consumption drugs. So we conducted an interactive seminar bringing down Mr. Sachinda Dulanjana from UN as the facilitator.

One hand can heal another

This is project was initiated during the period of 2014-15 under President Rtr. Nuzhath Hashim. Main objective of this project was to donate the common necessities for the cancer hospital patients and donate king coconut water for the patients throughout the day of project. During 2014-15 we donated 500+ king coconuts. Carrying on the legacy during 2015-16 we donated 1000+ king coconuts and in the year 2016-17 we donated 1500+ king coconuts scraped and filtered. Patients always praised us for this good cause because it was a good medication for patients undergoing chemotherapy at the National Cancel Hospital, Maharagama.

Angels Among us

This project was initiated in 2016-17. The Rotaract club donated needed household supplies for the elder’s home in Wellawatte and spent a day with the wonderful senior citizens of the country.

Shining Bright

This project was initiated in 2014-15. The Rotaract club donated needed household supplies for the Children’s home in Wellawatte and spent a day with the wonderful orphan kids.

Project Serve

This project was an initiative by District 3220 Rotaract Sri Lanka. Rotaract Club of SLIIT together with CSS and Panadura took the responsibility to carry on the project. Main focus area of the project was Maternal and Child health. So we re-constructed the waiting area of Malamulla Maternal Clinic which was budgeted 100,000+ LKR. The waiting area they had was not suitable for the expecting mothers to stay till their appointment. So we made it more hygiene and environment friendly.


On the way (OTW) is a community service project organized in collaboration with UN to create awareness among the youth about sexual harassment.

Feed a Stray

‘Feed a stray’ is a community service project organized by Rotaract club of SLIIT with the intention of feeding stray dogs as a poya day initiative.

Green It Up 

‘Green it up’ was a public awareness campaign organized by the Rotaract club of SLIIT in order to celebrate Earth Day 2017 and to achieve the ‘Life on Land’ Sustainable development goal by following the Vision to Action theme. Participants had to post a photo of themselves planting a tree on their Facebook wall and nominate five or more friends to do the same.

Professional Development


Team ALPHA was the most significant project done by the club during the past 4 years. Under the guidance of President of 2016-17 Rtr. Kavinda Bandulasena and Chairperson Rtr. Vinura Deelaka the project was a major success.  It  won the platinum award for the most outstanding leadership and outbound training program at the 27th Rotaract District Assembly 2017.

Main objective of this project was to develop the leadership skills and teamwork of the young Rotaractors around the country. This project took place on December 10-11 of 2016 at the Highlanders holiday complex, Balangoda with the participation of over 60 Rotaractors from all over the country.


Rafitesta was another significant project of the club, themed to develop the leadership and teamwork of Rotaractors and youth around Sri Lanka. The program was included with team building activities and rafting competitions. This is a legacy carried out from 2013 in the club. We are hoping to make a twist and organize another wonderful Raftiesta this year for the third time.

Easy IT

This is an initiative to develop the IT literacy of Young kids of Sri Lanka. We selected the LOLC child care center for the initiation of the project. We are currently teaching the kids of the child care center the basics of IT from 2016 to present. Our goal for the next year is to make the kids fluent in IT as well as English. Along with this IT OL seminars were conducted in schools.


Dine like a Boss

This project was organized to make awareness among the youth about common dining etiquette and manners.


This project was organized to create awareness among youth about the common First Aiding techniques which could come in handy in day to day life.

International Understanding


This project is organized every year along with the international students studying in SLIIT to create a sustainable bond among the youth around the world.

Chef hunt

Chef Hunt cooking competition allowed youth to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills related to: developing and following a recipe, preparation of a dish, and displaying the dish before a judging panel where it evaluated on flavor, taste and palatability.  It was followed by a comprehensive workshop on ‘Dining Etiquette and Mannerisms’. Participants competed as a pair for the cooking competition. Ten Teams competed and they had their own station and 1 hour to prepare their dish. Senior Chef. Kapila Jayanetti explained the recipe and the preparation process. Additional special ingredients were provided so that the teams had to figure out how to make their dish original. Teams were interviewed and evaluated on team basis.

Above mentioned are few of the projects completed by Rotaract Club of SLIIT and below are few of our future plans.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/RotaractSLIIT/ For more project information and updates.

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Upcoming Projects

Care to Share 3.0

This the next phase of the project series we have mentioned above. We got contact of a school in Galewela with students with 100% OL and AL pass rate. They lack a proper IT laboratory for the practical activities. We are in the process of getting down sponsors and donors.


“Spotlight” will be an unplugged concert that will be organized to raise funds for the project “Yathra”.

Team ALPHA 2.0

After the success of the first phase of the project Team ALPHA, we are planning to organize the project annually to get the youth involved more in leadership development and Teamwork.

Raftiesta 3.0

After the success of the previous phases of the project Raftiesta we are planning to organize the project annually to get the youth involved more in leadership development and Teamwork.


“Yathra” will be a signature community service project that will be focused on providing clean water and books for the library of a school for a rural village in Deniyaya.

The club officials from 2013 -2017

Charter Year 2013-14

President – Rtr.Imalsha Rashmika Udawatta
Lecturer in charge – Ms.Van Langenberg Antoinette

Board Members

  • Vice President: Rtr.Nirmal katagoda
  • Secretary: Rtr.Isuru udayanga
  • Assistant Secretary: Rtr.Dinuka Vidanagamage
  • Treasurer: Rtr.Lahiru Malaka
  • Assistant Treasurer: Rtr.Rashini samarakoon
  • Editors: Rtr.Ridmi Jayasena, Rtr.Hasini Pulara
  • Sgt at Arms: Rtr.Saminda Alahakoon
  • Community Service Directors: Rtr.Shakila Kahavidanage ,Rtr.Ruchira Palandage
  • International Understanding Director: Rtr.Pandula Paranagama
  • Professional Development Directors: Rtr.Nilupul Udagedara, Rtr.Kavinda Mediwaka
  • Club service Directors: Rtr.Ranga Dasanayaka, Rtr.Pramod lakshan
  • IT Director: Rtr.Shanaka Katugampola

Year 2014-15

President: Rtr.Nuzhath Hashim
Lecturer in charge – Ms.Van Langenberg Antoinette

Board Members

  • Vice President: Rtr.Shaminda Randima Harishchandra
  • Secretary: Rtr.Michela Thalagala
  • Assistant Secretary: Rtr.Nimesha Guruge
  • Treasurer: Rtr.Nipuna Kavinda Kumarage
  • Assistant Treasurer: Rtr.Anuradha Weerarathne
  • Editors: Rtr.Dinushika Hewage
  • Sgt at Arms: Rtr.Nishal Silva
  • Community Service Directors: Rtr.Risla Zainab, Rtr.Wimarsha Madubhashana
  • International Understanding Director: Rtr.Chathusha Weerakoon, Rtr.Thilina Sandaruwan
  • Professional Development Directors: Rtr.Chatura Alawattegama
  • Club service Directors: Rtr.Mahesh Wijesinghe
  • Sports Director: Rtr.Kavinda Bandulasena, Rtr.Thushara Ravishanka
  • IT Directors: Rtr.Chanka Palliyaguru, Rtr.Kithmal Wijayarathne

Year 2015-16

President: Rtr.Chatura Alawattegama
Lecturer in charge – Ms.Van Langenberg Antoinette and Ms.Nimalika Fernando

Board Members

  • Vice President: Rtr.Kavinda Bandulasena
  • Secretary: Rtr.Deevani Dias
  • Assistant Secretary: Rtr.Kinkini Mahinsa
  • Treasurer: Rtr.Ravindu Perera
  • Editors: Rtr.Thushara Ravishanka
  • Sgt at Arms: Rtr.Marlon Fernando
  • Community Service Directors: Rtr.Jenny Krishara, Rtr.Zarah Kitchilan
  • International Understanding Director: Rtr.Supun Chandrananda
  • Professional Development Directors: Rtr.Vinura Deelaka
  • Club service Directors: Rtr.Mahen Pieris, Rtr.Danith Eragama
  • Sports Director: Rtr.Yasaru Kularathna
  • IT Directors: Rtr.Dilanjan Madanayake

Year 2016-17

President: Rtr.Kavinda Bandulasena
Lecturer in charge – Mr.Indraka Udayakumara , Ms.Dakshi Tharanga

Board Members

  • Vice President: Rtr.Ravindu Perera, Rtr.Vinura Deelaka
  • Secretary: Rtr.Kinkini Mahinsa
  • Assistant Secretary: Rtr.Tharaki Thathsarini
  • Treasurer: Rtr.Eranga Chandraprabha
  • Editors: Rtr.Bhanuka Yapa, Rtr.Danith Eragama
  • Sgt at Arms: Rtr.Nadeesh Nugaliyadde
  • Community Service Directors: Rtr.Anjana Sasanka, Rtr.Chethana Wijesundara
  • International Understanding Director: Rtr.Dhanushka Ekanayake
  • Professional Development Directors: Rtr.Sethil Muhandiram, Rtr.Saliya Randeniya
  • Club service Directors: Rtr.Dilini De Silva, Rtr.Thushara Pieris
  • IT Directors: Rtr.Kaveedra Lunuwilage, Rtr.Chathura Damith
  • PR Directors: Rtr.Heshani Nanayakkara, Rtr.Shanaka Abeywardena

Year 2017-18

President: Rtr.Vinura Ganegoda
Lecturer in charge – Dr. Janaka Wijekoon

Board Members

  • Vice President: Rtr.Sethil Muhandiram
  • Secretary: Rtr.Sandali Thiranagama
  • Assistant Secretaries: Rtr.Arundika Weerasekara, Rtr.Dileka Hettikankanama
  • Treasurers: Rtr.Gavindu Saranga, Rtr.Dhanushika Ranawaka
  • Editors: Rtr.Dilini De Silva, Rtr.Duleesha Waidyarathne
  • Sgt at Arms: Rtr.Bhanuka Yapa
  • Community Service Directors: Rtr.Ashane Edirisinghe, Rtr.Umanga De Silva
  • International Understanding Director: Rtr.Janitha Jayakodi
  • Professional Development Directors: Rtr.Chanura Shehan, Rtr.Chamini Ellawala
  • Club service Directors: Rtr.Surath Gunawardena, Rtr.Chamika Nirmani
  • IT Directors: Rtr.Rajitha Shavinda, Rtr.Shenuka Ranawaka, Rtr.Chameera Ranasinghe
  • PR Director: Rtr.Navindu Chamara
  • Media Coordinator: Rtr.Virajith Nanayakkara


Written by-

Rtr. IPP. Kavinda Bandulasena

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