Feed a Stray 2.0

First ever charity for this year started off with feeding the stray dogs on the 5th of August 2017.  The board members and SLIIT Rotaractors gathered in the SLIIT premises with baskets of food for the lonely hungry dogs. Feeding them started in the SLIIT premises itself. There were about 6 dogs within the premises. We gave them food and water.

The real journey began afterwards. Two cars left the SLIIT premises with food, water and about 12 people. We went around the Malabe area, went through many different lanes in search of strays. We stopped whenever we saw a dog and started giving food. We used “kanda kola” instead of polythene to offer food, making sure the environment stays safe. Inside lanes we fed about 6 dogs. We even gave some food to a home owner who had several dogs in his house.

Our next stop was Athurugiriya.  It was a sad sight to see how hungry these poor animals were. In Athurugiriya we fed like 4 – 5 dogs.  Our little endeavor was a very successful one. We wanted to spread awareness about animal welfare issues and how the public can help and to promote kindness and a better understanding of stray dogs. We Inspired people to love, respect and compassion towards all living beings.

It really gave us tears when these animals came to us wagging their tails. Altogether we were able to feed like 20 dogs. Stray dogs who often lived difficult lives on the streets, and were always deemed less worthy, received the love, care, attention and respect they deserve. With our return to SLIIT (which was a very enjoyable ride back) “Feed a stray 2.0” ended successfully!!


Written By-

Rtr. Navindu Chamara

Director- Public Relations 2017-18

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