Shining Bright 3.0

Shining Bright is another community service project that was completed by the Rotaract Club of SLIIT on the 12th of August 2017. The project chairperson was our very own Community Service Director Rtr. Umanga De Silva. We went to Suhada Lanka Children’s home which is situated in Moratuwa. We spent the day with wonderful orphan kids. There were nine lovely girls.

The day started off with a truth or dare game with the lovely little girls, and also our board members. The game went quite well teasing each other and giving out innocent dares. Then came the feast. We all had food to eat and some soft drinks. After this little refreshment we had a small musical session with just one guitar. We sang some songs that the girls loved. They also sang with us. Also sang for us.

The next item was their favorite. What they really wanted to do was play ‘elle’. So we went into the church ground. Two captains were selected from our board itself, and the teams were formed. We had very tiresome match but the girls seemed to be very energetic than us an enthusiastic about the game.

We spent most of time on the ground playing with them. We also played a little game called ‘Ice Water’. At the end of the day we again came back to their place. We had several gifts prepared for them. We talked for a little while with them, about their ambitions and their future goals. They seemed really happy about our little visit. Thanks to Rtr. Umanga De Silva this day was a huge success.


Written by-

Rtr. Navindu Chamara

Director-Public Relations 2017-18

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