Open Mic Night – Quarter 1

Open Mic Night for the Quarter 1 was held successfully 29th September 2017 Friday from 6pm onwards at Tea Talk in Park Road with the participation of almost 100 rotaractors from all over the country. This project was an initiative by the Sports and Recreation Avenue of Rotaract District 3220 and was hosted by Rotaract Clubs of Cinnamon Gardens and AOD.

Main objective of this project was the launch of 3220 Productions and to bring up the hidden talents of the rotaractors in music, videography, photography, announcing, drama and many more and promote fellowship while engage in Rotaract.

So around 6pm after hectic day of work and University we started to gather to the Tea talk where the project was held hoping for a brilliant Friday night full of Rotaract entertainment. Tea Talk was a very nice and cozy place for an event like this. Once everyone got comfortable laying on the bean bags and stools, Kavin from Rotaract Club of Kelaniya started proceeding.  After he welcomed everyone and talked about the reason for hosting this kind of project he invited the first performer of the day, proud to say it was our very own Rtr. Senuri mesmerized everyone with her performance.

Next there were brilliant performances by Rotaractors from other clubs which we pretty much enjoyed. For a surprise our very own DRR. Rtr. Anuradha performed a mashup with the District club service director Rtr. Nirun. It was a brilliant performance by our DRR and we were thrilled to see the talents of her. The guest performance was absolutely wonderful since finger tapping and beat boxing lit the crowd. After that, many performers followed and performed some soulful and very relaxing music to continue the Friday night, and the standup comedy act by Rotaract club of Colombo West was hilarious and entertaining.

Next up was the big occasion, the launch of Rotaract Media unit. Our DRR. Rtr Anuradha, ADDR Rtr. Punith and PP. Rtr. Praveen described and gave us the reason behind the Media unit to set up and invited all the rotaractors with talents to join the club. An introductory video was played to give more insight on what this Media Unit have in the bag for the rotaractors.

While there were many more performances were happening inside the lounge we did not forget to go outside and have a burger from the live burger stall which was setup outside. The night ended up with a performance by the cool DisCo.

All in all it was a very entertaining Friday night for the Rotaractors in District 3220. We are very grateful to the Rotaract District committee and the host clubs for pulling off an awesome open mic night. It was a platform for all of us to show our talents while engaging in Rotaract. And finally, yes we are waiting for the Quarter 2 jamming session.

ViVa La Rotaract

Written By-

Rtr. Dilini De Silva

Co-Editor 2017-18


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