Face Painting!

Face painting!! Did anyone say face painting? Who loves face painting than me? I thought no one! But then this happened.

The annual SLIIT walk which is organized by the Student Interactive Society of SLIIT was planned to be held on the 1st of October 2017. From the beginning of our Rotaract year we had this thought of doing a fundraiser at this event. We were planning to print caps and wrist bands but face painting!! None of those could replace that. So we decided to do face painting. This fund raising program was Chaired by our Director of Club Service Rtr. Surath Gunawardena, with the contribution of Rtr. Bhanuka Yapa, Rtr. Shenuka Ranawaka and Rtr. Duleesha Waidyarathne; myself by doing nothing else but marketing.

Early in the morning on 1st of October; we all gathered near McDonald’s next to the Racecourse grounds with all the colorful paints, paint brushes and blocks. Everything was set but who’s going to paint? Well we found this amazing team; our SLIIT Architecture brothers and sisters.

Infaas and his face painting crew- picture courtesy VEVRA

The premises were all blue just as the sky. We all looked the same wearing this nice blue color SLIIT walk t-shirt. So why not be different decorating your face with your favorite superhero or your favorite childhood cartoon character. Plus, it was affordable!!

Everyone were queueing to get their face done and it was so crowded around there. Our face painting crew was really busy doing a great job making their faces pretty and handsome by painting what they exactly needed. By seeing their friends looking fabulous with their new look, more and more joined the queue.

When they joined the queue, they were just a bunch of young adults but when they were leaving; we had wonder womans, bat mans, sugar skulls and jokers; well no hello kitties yet.

The queue was growing bigger and bigger. But we had to close the stall as the walk was about to start. We saw so many sad faces so we quickly finished off the rest. The painting crew started wrapping up all the stuff. But what about HELLO KITTY? Rules are rules; we had to leave in minutes. But I desperately wanted to be a hello kitty; the one and only. Well after whining a couple of times I managed to get it done 😉

Hello kitty moments; picture courtesy VEVRA

It was really a successful fundraiser indeed. And we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Once again, the Rotaract Club of SLIIT would like to thank our amazing face painters, our own brothers and sisters from SLIIT Architecture for giving us their support to make this fundraiser a success.

Lots of love!

Written by-

Rtr. Duleesha Waidyarathne 

Co-Editor 2017-18

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