Nisala Sithuwili

Final project for the year 2017 happened on the 26th of December at Polwaththa Viharaya, Maharagama in remembrance of the tsunami victims of December 2004. Sri Lanka was one of the countries struck by the tsunami resulting from the Indian Ocean earthquake on December 26, 2004.  It’s been thirteen years since the tsunami wave that hit the country and left behind a trail of devastation, with thousands of lives lost in the catastrophe.

“Nisala Sithuwili” the Tsunami Remembrance project organized by the Rotaract club of SLIIT in remembering those who lost their lives, who lost their families, loved ones and friends in the 2004 Tsunami. The project was initiated by a morning Alms giving, followed by a special Pahan poojawa and Bhodi poojawa.

SLIIT Rotaractor gathered at Polwaththa Viharaya just before 6.00 AM for the morning Alms giving. We swept the temple and arranged flowers before the Alms giving. The first food to be served was the Buddha Poojawa. The almsgiving started after a short chanting session. The food had been prepared by Board members and everyone took turns to serve the monks. The Monks ate their meals in silence and with great discipline. After the meal, the Pirikara were offered. Then it was time to transfer the blessings we had all earned to those who lost their lives in the catastrophe. During the chanting Rotarators hold onto a jug of water and poured it into a cup until it overflowed to signify the blessings and good Karma directed towards the people who lost their lives. Then the Monks talked about the disaster, because December 26, 2004 was an unforgettable day for all Sri Lankans as well as for the whole world.


Afterwards everyone gathered around the oil lamps for the Pahan poojawa. The tsunami struck Sri Lanka at 9.26 AM on December 26, 2004. Therefore the special Pahan poojawa and Bhodi poojawa started at 9.26 AM.


“It wasn’t devastation or death that won on that day, it was humanity that triumphed! The shining victory of generosity, courage and love.”


Written by-

Rtr. Dilini De Silva

Co-Editor 2017-18

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