Joint meeting with Rotaract Club of College of Chemical Sciences

“Cherish your human connections; your relationships with your family and friends”

The most awaited joint meeting of the Rotaract Club of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology and the Rotaract Club of College of Chemical Sciences was successfully held on the 20th of November at SLIIT premises. Turning up another page in our Rotaract diary; the meeting was commenced from 3 p.m. onwards providing a timely chance for both the clubs to update each other on recently held events and upcoming events.

The meeting was called to order by the Sergeant-at-arms of RACSLIIT; Rtr. Bhanuka Yapa and was followed by Rotaract Invocation, flag salutation, four way test and the Rotaract song.

The meeting commenced with a speech by our beloved president Rtr. Vinura Ganegoda He started his speech by thanking everyone who joined that evening; especially the CCS Rotaractors. Then he gave the audience a briefing about the upcoming events of the club.
Sadaham yathra- a pirith sajjayaná and kavyamaya dharmadeshaná for pregnant mothers.
Sihina Tharanaya- another community service project that consists of two phases where the stationery and other essentials are donated for school kids; and further details about this project were given by Rtr. Venuri Mallikarachchi.
Maharagamata Nattal- A spend the day with the little kids at ‘Apeksha hospital’ in collaboration with ‘Pahe ekamuthuwa’.
Team Alpha- the platinum award winning leadership training program.

Afterwards, the president of CCS Rtr. Dilendra Wijesekara briefed about their club events;
flick master, which is commonly known by the name ‘Carrom bash’ , Feliz Natal; the Christmas event and about their blood donation campaign followed by a small speech by Rtr. Thashmila about the launch of their website where we can access it through

What’s the point of a meeting without having any ice breaker session in it?? So we all were divided into four groups and what we had to do was to get to know about our group members well and one had to talk about a person of their group, randomly picked by our loving presidents. Gavindya from Musaeus College, Yasas Attanayake from Vidura College and Madumi doing Business Management at SLIIT and all three of you just finished your first year right?? We all got to know a bunch of awesome people! That session was truly overflowing with laughter and enthusiasm. And the meeting was concluded after the photoshoot  😉

Cheers to that wonderful evening!

Written by-

Rtr. Duleesha Waidyarathne

Co-Editor 2017-18

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