The Comic Artist 2.0: Let’s Doodle

On December 24th 2017, Rotaract Club of SLIIT opened the stage for “The Comic Artist 2.0: Let’s Doodle” which is a continuation of “The Comic Artist”, an Online Comic Art Competition. This competition was solely organized with the motive of bringing great new ideas to the geek world and to enable creative individuals to be recognized in the related world today by presentation of their new and unique doodling concepts. The competition began by requesting submissions of doodle art from December 2017. By the time of the closing date, which was the February 2018, we had about 30 submissions of Comic Doodles; each one unique while being creative, interesting, and a great demonstration of what’s possible with today’s youth.

On behalf of the Rotaract club of SLIIT we would like to thank all who submitted their wonderful, most intriguing work for this year’s Comic Artist competition! The organizing team has been overwhelmed with the support they received by all the contestants who submitted their ideas for the Comic Artist competition that we launched in December 2017, which made this event a great success. The competition ran for almost two months accepting all submissions, and during this time we received, as I mentioned earlier a number of almost 30 submissions from the 2 categories the competition was limited to. The two categories being, ranged from the level of School students through University Students.  Namely, the two categories were “The Rotaract category” and “The Open Category”; where, individuals from the Rotaract club distinct fell under the Rotaract category and the rest under, Open category. The submissions we received were of extremely high quality in terms of uniqueness of the comic ideas as well as the proposed description the comics came with was alluring. Out of the submissions made, the Rotaract category reached a number of 7 submissions and the Open category tolled in with a number of more than 20 submissions.

Everyone who submitted their ideas to the Comic Artist competition should feel proud of the work they did and know that they have in some way helped to give awareness about how we as youth can be part of the comic community. Creativity is crucial for the growth of the field of Comic Artists. We hope that in some way this competition has motivated and inspired those new and old to the field to continue being creative and bring out the worst to the utmost best of their ideas to the comic world.

We had many amazing submissions for both the Rotaract and Open Categories, and we, the organizers sincerely enjoyed working through and about all the submissions that have been coming through to us for the 2 months. The judges had a very tough time evaluating the submissions due to the fact that the Quality of submissions was grand, and it made their jobs difficult to distinguish one over the other. Unfortunately, naturally there must be a winner,

The winners are as follows;

Open Category




Rotaract category



Here are some more of the ideas submitted by our other creative individuals,


Written by-

Rtr. Navindu Chamara

Director – Public relations 2017-18

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