Athuru Mithuru

Athuru Mithuru was a project that started in February 2018 and went on for about three months. The project was to teach handy crafts to the children at the CCC house of Apeksha hospital Maharagama. The project Athuru Mithuru was chaired by our very own Rtr. Chamini Ellawala and conducted the handy crafts sessions every Sunday. What initiated this project was the idea of teaching these innocent little kids something that they could master. So the project was initially proposed to teach Chess to the children. But after the discussion that we had with the head of the CCC house made us realized that it was quite a difficult task considering the facts that there are children over different ages and the same child is not present every week. Then it was decided to teach them something which everyone could participate. Therefore we came up with the idea of teaching handy crafts.

Permission was given from the head of the house and every Sunday morning 9 – 11 was reserved for the project. Children were so enthusiastic to learn something new. Every week they were waiting for us to come and teach them something new. Sometimes new faces could be seen among the crowd. It was really inspiring to see how much the kids wanted to participate amidst all the trouble they were facing. Their parents were also very much interested in the sessions and they were very supportive. They helped us out by cutting papers, gluing things etc.


This went on every Sunday until the end of April 2018. This is an opportunity to thank those who participated this project to make it more vibrant. And it was quite nice to see new Rotaractors joining in each week.


Written by –

Rtr. Navindu Chamara

Director – Public Relations 2017-18

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