NOISE 2018

NOISE 2018; organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo East was held on the 1st of June 2018, under solo beatboxing, solo singing, group singing, bands and instrumental categories. The motive of the event was to select and bring out the best out of best, talented souls into the finals and to have a great competition.

Taking the challenge, our very own Rotaractor, Supeshala Colombathanthri from SLIIT Business Faculty, took up the stage under the beatboxing category. Competing against other competitors as the only girl beatboxer, was a mission as it sounds to you right now. Nevertheless she was determined enough to strive hard and conquer the obstacles, to reach her way from the first audition, to semi-finals and to the top in NOISE 2018 platform as a finalist in beatboxing.

Rtr. Supeshala Colombathanthri who took up her final challenge on the 1st of June was able to end up the event winning the title of NOISE 2018 Solo beatbox champion, bringing glory to the Rotaract Club of SLIIT.

She who started singing at the age of 6 started to beatbox only after 6 years, at the age of 12. Having performed at many school and public events as a chorister, choir leader, solo singer and a beatboxer, took up her professional career as a musician in 2016.

Having her own band, “vibe” and, performing as a guest artist at events was a passion that now turned out to be her professional career. Favourite quotes of her own are “Be inspired by others and mainly, by yourself!” and “Never settle for anything less, as you know you deserve the best!”

You can watch her performances on her YouTube channel “Supeshala Colombathanthri” and support her in her music career by subscribing and also follow her official pages on Facebook and Instagram for updates and inquiries. We are sure to see her perform at SLIIT and SLIIT Rotaract events in near future, and to see her bring glory to our club and University.

Sri Lanka’s first girl beatboxer is at SLIIT!


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