Sihina Tharanaya – Phase Two

The best anti-poverty program is a world-class education. The Rotaract Club of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology implemented the project “Sihina Tharanaya – Phase One” on the 8th of December 2017 where we donated  gift packs including stationary items; required for an entire term, that are mandatory for a quality education while creating each and every student a great platform to reach their potential. Paragala Kanishta Vidyalaya – Morawaka, consists of 200 students from grade one to grade eleven.

Since the school is in need of many major facilities, the Rotaract Club of SLIIT thought of implementing a second phase of the project with the aim of facilitating the school to renovate and refurbish the necessary study area facilities. Therefore, in wrapping up the rotaract year 2017-18, on the 29th of May 2018, at 5.00am early in the morning, we; SLIIT rotaractors started off the journey from Colombo to Morawaka with all the necessary items to conduct the community service, “Sihina Tharanaya – Phase Two” with the whole intention of helping the less-privileged students in accomplishing their educational goals by making a pleasant and friendly teacher-student learning environment. We renovated and refurbished a complete section consisting of five classrooms, a science laboratory and the staff room of the teachers and the principal, by painting the entire premises, fixing metal grills (wire meshes) for classrooms, etc. Four people worked all day and night for 5 working days to make the project a reality.


All of the above-mentioned facilities were established in the early 1920s and after that, till now no any renovation or refurbishment activities were done and I’m pretty sure that we did a great job out there by serving to uplift the education of poor students which in turn will help to create a favorable long-standing impact on the entire society. At the end of the project, the principal of the school; Mr. R.K. Siripala, expressed his sincere gratitude to all of us at Rotaract Club of SLIIT and Rotary Club of Battarmulla for helping them out to develop the school into the next level.

Rotaract Club of SLIIT would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone at Battaramulla Rotary Club for the immense support given in making this event a reality. Further, we would also like to thank everyone who helped us in numerous ways to brighten up the world of these poor students’ with hopes.


Written by – 

Rtr. Venuri Mallikarachchi

Director – Community Service 2017-18


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