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The first project of the SLIIT Rotaract team kicked off on the 07th of July 2018 in the presence of DRRE Rtr. IPP Krishan Balaji, Rtr. PP Imalsha Udawatte, Rtr. PP Chatura Alawattegama, Rtr. IPP Vinura Ganegoda and Rtr. Sethil Muhandiram.

As it commenced, all of us; the incoming board of directors for the year 2018-19, were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves alongside analyzing the reasons as to why we joined the Rotaract Club, where the main motives being exposure, peer pressure, networking prospect and serving the community.

Thereafter DRRE Rtr. IPP Krishan Balaji touched upon the four avenues; Community Service, Professional Development, International Service and Club Services. Through this he enabled each of us to understand these notions well while advising everyone to connect with it better in order to complete projects at ease. He also emphasized on how we can do better since our club comprises of over 100 members, thus we have the potential to go the extra mile hence he highlighted the importance of being committed towards project success. A few guidelines given under this discipline was to note our ideas down, start prepping earlier on, materialize our thoughts and coordinate with the varied functionalities of the team. Along this thought flow, DRRE Rtr. IPP Krishan Balaji articulated his Rotaract journey from which we learnt that serving the community and the happiness he obtained from it was the driving force in his choice behind serving in Rotaract, whereon he stated that even the slightest effort to make an impact towards the betterment of the society can change someone’s life. To conclude he answered a few questions answered by the audience, where he emphasized on crafting projects with a sustainable future and that time is always available and our commitment towards the particular entity is what counts. Also in order to improve club involvement, we were advised to communicate with the other students, while conducting focus groups to spread information about our projects and obtain feedback while making everybody accountable partners towards a change movement.

Our charter president, Rtr. PP Imalsha Udawatte presented a historical overview of the opening of the club and the challenges which their board faced through which they emerged victorious due to their commitment, hard-working nature and friendship-oriented outlook. He mentioned that keeping members engaged constantly and nurturing a family-based culture within Rotaract will be what matters in the end.

To conclude the project, our president for the year 2018-19, Sethil Muhandiram thanked the personalities and gifted a token of appreciation for their time and effort.



Written by-

Rtr. Tharindhie Alles

Co-editor 2018-19



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