28th Rotaract District Training Assembly

8th of July was not just a regular Sunday for the Rotaractors. Venue being the Golden Rose Banquet Hall in Boralesgamuwa, all the Rotaractors were there as early as they could get. Having met their friends in other clubs; some after a very long time, everyone had a smile on their face and was enjoying the beautiful morning having all the chit-chats. Meanwhile, some were busy registering themselves at the tables which everyone was supposed to do before they entered the hall and, looking at the crowd, it was a clean guess that the event was going to be a success even before it started.

Moving on to the first session of the day, it started with the arrival of the Past Rotaract District Governor, Rtn. Dr. Ven. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero and Rtn. Sathyajith Senevirathne as well as DRR Rtr. PP Anuradha Senanayake; DRR for the year 17/18, Rtr. Amjath Yoosuf; DRR elect for the year 18/19, Rtr. Shalnka Weerasinghe; Secretary of the Rotaract District for the year 17/18. Marking the start-up of the event, Rtr. Shalanka Weerasinghe delivered the secretary’s report. Then for the last time, Rtr. PP Anuradha Senanayake delivered her speech as the District Rotaract Representative, emphasizing on the importance of making an impact as a leader and not forgetting how Rotaract helped her to survive in hardships, she made clear that none should lose their standards but develop themselves. Concluding her speech, she asked to find mentors that we will fall in love with what we do.

The token of appreciation for the love and the guidance given by Mr. and Mrs. Anura Senanayake was given by Rtr. PP Oshadha Abhayasundara and after that Rtn. PHF. Bobby Srinivas was on stage thanking all the Rotaractors for completing a successful year.

He extended his appreciation to the District led by Rtr. PP Anuradha Senanayake and the board of directors; wished Rtr. PP Amjad Yoosuf and his team for an extraordinary year. Rtn. PHF Satyajit Senevirathne then took the stage and expressed his gratitude to the Rotaractors and interactors for the skills and knowledge they shared. He helped to elect DRR while mentioning that now everyone can be a rotarian while being a Rotaractor.

After him, District Rotaract Representative Rtr. PP Anuradha Senanyake and District Governor Rtn. Dr. Ven. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero were invited by Rtr. PP Oshadha Abhayasundara to proceed with presenting the awards.

Rtr. Sanjana Perera of Rotaract club of Panadura and Rtr. Reshan of Rotaract club of Colombo East, concluded the first half of the assembly by an entertainment event.

The second half of this occasion started with the speech of Past District Governor Rtn. Dr. Ven. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero. The Thero thanked all the Rotaractors for their effort in making new amends in this year while stating how the Rotaract is able to mould a person to a better version of themselves. At the end of Ven. Thero’s speech, tokens of appreciation were given to Rotarians, District Rotaractors including DRR Rtr. PP. Anuradha’s Executive committee and the board members. District governor presented the certificate to DRR Rtr. PP. Anuradha while the district members gave her the token of appreciation for being a great leader and always being there for them.

Continuing the legacy of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT, the SLIIT Rotaractors were able to strive towards achieving the most outstanding Female Empowering Project (Silver Award) – “Halo Career and Professional Development Training” at the first session of the 28th Rotaract District Training Assembly.

Apart from the above award received, the following certificates were also presented at the District Assembly.

  • Rotaract District Citation – 2017/18
  • Spirit of Service – Rtr. Gavindu Saranga

After the appreciation awards, the Rotaractors were given a one-hour training session in which they were briefed about their respective positions on the Rotaract club boards. This breakout session was very helpful to the Rotaractors who took part to get a good knowledge on their roles and responsibilities in the club. The morning session ended by serving the Rotaractors with a delicious three course meal.

A beautiful traditional dance event commenced the second half of the session welcoming the dignitaries of the head table District Committee Chairperson Rtn. PHF. Sathiyendra T. Singham, Rotary District Governor Rtn. PP Dushan Soza, District Youth Service Chairperson Rtn. PP G. S. Sylvester along with DRR Rtr. PP Anuradha Senanayake President, DRR Elect Rtr. Amjad Yoosuf and District Rotaract Secretary Rtr. Shalanka Weerasinghe. Once everyone settled on their seats, DRR elect for the year 2019-20, Rtr. PP Krishna Balaji gave a heartfelt introduction to DRR elect for the year 2018-19, Rtr. Amjad Yoosuf for his collaring ceremony. Rtr. Anuradha Senanayake then collard Rtr. Amjad Yoosuf making him, her successor.

Vision of DRR Rtr. PP as mentioned in his speech was to focus on the professional development aspects of the Rotaractors while aiding them to excel in their corporate life through Rotaract. He also stressed on core values; inclusivity and equity, youth empowerment, creativity and innovation, leadership and strategic plan, that he is hoping to develop in the Rotaractors this year. At the end of his speech, the new board was introduced followed by a presentation on each member.

Yet again marking our success through Rotaract journey, the Rotaract Club of SLIIT was able to “Escape the Ordinary”, receiving awards for the projects, as follows.

  • The most outstanding Community Service Project under literacy (Gold Award) – Project “Light Up Their World”.
  • The most outstanding Community Service Project under community development (Gold Award) – “Sihina Tharanaya”.

After that, Rotary District Governor Rtn. PP Dushan Soza took the stage to thank the IP DRR for their success in completing her year and congratulated and wished the best for the newly appointed DRR board. At the end of the event, we left with our heads held high, for the achievements and recognition from the district and Rotaractors all over Sri Lanka, for the dedicated work throughout the year and we were inspired much more than we were, to take the name of RACSLIIT to greater heights.


Written by-

Rtr. Lihini Rajapaksha

Co- editor 2018-19

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