Rail Track Cleaning

This project was initiated by RMNDS and Surakimu Dumriya while the Rotaract Club of SLIIT joined hands with them in order to aid them in cleaning the rail tracks starting from Rambukkana to Kadugannawa along the tunnels.  On the 24th of September, 8.00am onwards all of us teamed up to have an adventure of a lifetime.

There have been multiple deaths recorded due to railway track mishaps right here in Sri Lanka and that is why clean railway tracks are a must need over here; a unpolluted track may help identify the faults in the tracks and repair it on time so that safety of the passing trains is ensured and avoid any mishap. Furthermore, cleanliness ease the track inspection and boost the mood of the men carrying out any repair work.

We were able to collect bags full of varied junk material while cleaning and people using train services must be made aware of the pollution they are causing to both the environment as well as the people living near the rail tracks. Many lives are at risk due to the pollution that is being caused by our fellow men and it should be our duty to keep these tracks clean.

While expressing our appreciation for all those who helped us on this day to make this project a remarkable success we also hope that we could continue making this project bigger and better and hopefully carry it all around Sri Lanka in the days to come.


Written by,

Tharindhie Alles,

Co-editor 2018-19

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