Car Wash

One bustling September evening, while brainstorming our way through varied ideas to collect funds for Sihina Tharanaya 2.0, our team came up with the idea of organizing a car wash. After obtaining approval to go ahead with the project, the committee was appointed and with the guidance of each avenue director, coordinator and board members, necessary tasks were allocated and we all started drawing up plans to help make this project a success in our own little ways.

Last year for Sihina Tharanaya, our club had the pleasure of aiding Paragala Kanishta Vidyalaya by donating stationary, school bags and other school supplies required for an entire term while also renovating the school premises. Thus, we decided to make this project a consecutive project whereby we obtain the opportunity to make the lives of others better, while providing children in rural areas an environment in which they can thrive in.

This was the first time we organized a car wash as a fundraiser project and over thirty members were able to participate and help in making this project an immense success. Despite the main obstacle revolving around exams; all of us were busy studying and we had to multi task our way through to sell tickets, prepare and plan out the project. Through this I realized that we were able to develop diverse abilities while also being able to be a part of making a change for the future generation.

On the 3rd of November 2018 at BRC Grounds from 8.00 am onwards, we started prepping for the car wash. Each of us were allocated into teams; to design posters, to sell tickets, to approach people and vehicles and explain about the event, wash the vehicles, etc.

Even though most of us had no idea regarding the techniques related to washing, waxing or vacuuming vehicles in a prim and proper manner, we watched, learnt and experimented. By the end of the day I must say that all of us seemed to be quite professional in doing so.

We take this opportunity to thank and appreciate each and everyone who contributed their 100% in making this project a triumph, especially our members who work up early on a Saturday morning and spent the entire day washing cars, hustling around and getting the job done. Our Charter President Imalsha Udawatta, Past President Chatura Alawattegama, IPP Vinura Ganegoda, Guide Club Director Nipun Sachintha, Azrah Yoosuf, the president of RAC AOD; our heartfelt appreciation goes out to each of you all for also taking time off your busy schedules to support us in this fundraiser.


Written by-

Tharindhie Alles, 

Co-Editor 2018-19

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