Joint Meeting with Rotaract Club of Colombo Central

On the 10th of November; a busy and eventful Saturday due to the launch of the Rotaract Easy Finance System (REFS) soon followed by the joint meeting conducted amid RACSLIIT and RACCC was a day to look forward to by both the clubs. The meeting commenced with both Presidents appreciating the effort put forth by the REFS team to compile a spectacular and innovative solution to make handling finances so much easier and simpler to do alongside discussing the improvements which can be made and the payment plan. Thereafter the Secretaries provided a brief summation of all the projects which has been done till date and a few upcoming projects.

The rest of the meeting followed the general formalities which included both clubs discussing their project ideas under each avenue. Each of these areas were discussed by the relevant representative and they all shared their thoughts; over here we saw a great variation of ideas which focused on developing the standard of living, raising funds, professional development, understanding different cultures, eco-centric, focused on animals among many others.

Thereafter joint project ideas were discussed, from which RACSLIIT put forward ideas like,

  1. Skip a Meal– This project is based on moral values and understanding, where each of us decide to skip exquisite meal plans to save that money to help those in need. Through this, we will be able to understand the value of money and the value of using those funds too develop the lives of another.
  2. Healthy Families– Based on harnessing a comprehensive approach; biological, social, psychological, to develop the lives of families which belong to the rural areas. Activities like mentoring, defensive training, soft skill workshops, health camps, etc. were proposed to be done under this.

Followed by RACCC suggesting their ideas,

  1. Beats Per Minute– This focuses on facilitating the growth of homegrown DJs in Sri Lanka, aiding them to aim exposure while also being a signature fund raiser project.
  2. Dog Day– The idea is built upon making the world a better place for animals, while dogs are targeted to be the focus of the project as the name depicts. This is a fundraiser carnival organized for dogs and their owners; there will be a dog walk as the first itinerary on the agenda followed by all of them coming together at Mati Park near Kollupitiya for a carnival which consists of varied stalls for dogs along with a dog show.

After the initial explanation of the ideas, both groups got together and discussed ways in which all four projects can be incorporated and the way in which it can be improved. Subsequently project teams were appointed, and the floor was open for more ideas.

Amid all of this, the secretaries of both clubs were quite busy trying to keep up with all the project ideas and note down minutes of the meeting, which was quite exhausting I suppose due to the vast amount of ideas and improvements suggested.

As the meeting concluded we did not forget our long-followed tradition; ‘Picture Time’, soon after all the formalities ended we were all busy trying to capture the perfect picture. After about ten or so, both clubs finally seemed quite content with the outcome and within no time were packed and ready to go in search of places to fill their stomachs.

Written by,

Tharindhie Alles

Co-editor 2018-19

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