Christmas for Everyone

In the Christmas season, it is very unlikely that people thinking about the happiness of innocent street kids but to surprise their loved ones with gifts. “Christmas” being the season of giving, the SLIIT Rotaractors decided to spread the Christmas spirit to the streets of Colombo by gifting the kids living on streets with smiles, heaps of hugs and love.

The participants of the project were divided into 3 teams and were asked to visit 3 locations Kochchikade, Pettah and Wellawatta areas separately. They were asked to visit their allocated area and to share the Christmas spirit. Each team was asked to spend some time at every spot with each kid, sing songs and warm their little hearts by sharing love, kindness and affection.

While walking along the streets each team met innocent kids, grownups and aged people who were waiting for miracles to happen. The Rotaractors didn’t forget to visit each one of them, to warm their hearts with positive thoughts and to listen to their life stories. It was a priceless moment seeing the faces of each kid when they open their gifts and smile back at us with their eyes full of happy tears. The Rotaractors enjoyed every second and were living in the moment to the point that they even forget to capture them. Each parent who lived with kids in streets were living in fear and was terrified to see us at first because no one has offered them anything before without expecting something in return. Some of them thought that we were news reporters who write articles about them.  They were begging us not to take pictures and write about them saying that the government will take their kids away. After explaining them who we are and what we do, at a glance we saw the shed of relief on their faces.

30 gift packs which included toys, stationary items and sweets like chocolates, lollipops, chit-chat, pebbles, cake and much more were distributed among street kids who live around Colombo. At the end of the day, each team had their own heart touching story to tell about their Christmas journey.

Written by-

Duleesha Waidyarathne,

Vice-president 2018-19

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