Personal Agility Workshop

Gear Up- phase 01, a personal agility workshop organized by the Rotaract Club of SLIIT in collaboration with Women Techmakers was held on the 23rd of February 2019 at SLIIT Mini Auditorium.

The workshop was commenced at 9.00 a.m. and there were a significant number of participants; members of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT and a number of undergraduates from SLIIT who arrived with the excitement to find out what matters to them most and make more impact on their lives by fnding out how to prioritize work.

I was overjoyed because this was my first ever Rotaract Club event to attend after becoming a member of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT. It was really excited to see the new faces from the Rotaract Club and I introduced myself and said ‘hi’ to some of the members who were seated next to me in the auditorium.


Our Rotaract Club’s Vice President Rtr. Duleesha Waidyaratne welcomed all the participants to the workshop and the guests Mrs. Janani liyanage, Enterprise agile coach at Virtusa and Rtr. Michela Mayadunne, Technical lead at Women Techmakers & past secretary of Rotaract club of SLIIT.

 Following that, Rtr. Thathsarani Wickramaarachchi introduced the Guest Speaker Mrs. Janani Liyanage and invited her to continue the workshop.

Prior starting her session, she introduced herself with a big smile and full of excitement. She conducted the entire workshop in a very interactive and friendly manner. Throughout the workshop we got to learn a lot of things including the Personal Agility System and how to get most of the things done within a limited time. We were also taught many practical tips to improve our personal effectiveness. The participants often shared their personal stories and opinion in each session.

Speaking of women empowerment, she shared the hardships, challenges and struggles the females have to go through in their lives and taught how to break those barriers. Me being a male, have never thought of the struggles they have to face and thus this session made me show more respect towards women. Mrs. Liyanage didn’t forget to share her life story with us and highlighted the lessons we can learn from it. We were very fortunate to receive many advises and ideas from her inspiring life story.

As I said earlier, there were many interactive sessions in between and due to those sessions there were not a single boring moment and the workshop went quite interesting and fun. I hope at the end of the workshop, all the participants have acknowledged what Time Management is, how to prioritize their work and how to effectively utilize time in order to become successful in their lives.

The participants were awarded with a certificate for their valuable participation. The certificates were presented by Mrs. Janani Liyanage and Rtr. Vinura Ganegoda, Immediate Past President of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT.

Afterwards a token of appreciation was presented to Mrs. Janani Liyanage by the president Rtr. Sethil Muhandiram.


To conclude the event, Rtr. Michela Mayadunne thanked Mrs. Janani Liyanage and all the participants for their valuable time and effort. The Gear-Up Personal Agility Workshop was concluded in style after a photography session.

Written by-

Rtr. Afridi Junaideen


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