Team Alpha 3.0

summer 2014 (1)Even though the journey from Colombo to Balangoda was a long journey, since the moment we got off from the bus everything changed. An egg was given for each participant and protecting it, was the responsibility. Then came the unexpected- cook-your-own-lunch task. Preparing the lunch by collecting woods and stones and making a fire was a new experience for most of us. Hence, with less facilities we were able to cook something that was edible but yet the truth was it was delicious.

The next activity was tricky; balancing a ball using the threads around the ring with two fingers was easy but taking it to another place was a nightmare. As the punishment for not completing it, the team had to run through the woods by crawling and jumping through spider webs; hence, this helped to tighten up the bond within the team members more and more. 

First day official ended after having a cold bath in the icy-cold river water and then the bonfire. Every team had to perform and in the end singing and dancing as a whole family under the night sky besides the Bonfire was an unforgettable memory.

Next morning started with the work out which literally torn out our bones from our body. Then started the hike. The hike cannot be explained in words; crossing the river again and again, climbing rocks, crawling, jumping and most importantly removing leeches from our bodies. It was a beautiful, unforgettable experience, yet cannot transfer into words. As a girl, help of a guy was much needed in this Hike and all the guys, not just the team members, helped all the girls to go to the top and personally I thank all of them for their immense support. Sometimes I wonder whether that journey was a dream, because still I cannot believe I did those. Even though it was tiring, even though our shoes were filled with water, when we came to the top of that mountain, the excitement surprisingly made us forget all the pain. Standing there and looking down made us think whether we really climb up there because the journey was hard and filled with deadly obstacles for us.

Untitled design (2)a-right-is-not-what-someone-give-you-its-what-no-one-can-take-away-from-you..png

Written by-

Rtr. Dinushika Jayatissa,


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