29th Rotaract District Assembly

“Every end marks a new beginning”

The Rotaract District Assembly is held on annual basis in order to review the club performance and attainment of goals of the previous year, to mark the conclusion of a year while handing over the baton to a new district Rotaract representative and his committee and also to recognize the Rotaract clubs which have shown excellent performances. According to the unbroken chain of assemblies, while being the remarkable year of the Golden Jubilee of Rotaract service, the year 2019 assembly was captured into history records as the 29th Rotaract District Assembly as well as the assembly which recorded the highest participation of Rotarians and Rotaractors.

On 23rd of June 2019, the Waters Edge Battaramulla appeared to be more glorious than any other indicating its eagerness for the celebration. Among more than 650 participants who belong to the District 3220, twenty-five members of the Rotaract club of SLIIT took part in this astonishing milepost.


The Rotaract District Secretary Rtr. Afraa Mohammed briefed about the activities and achievements of previous year which was under the guidance of District Rotaract Representative Amjath Yoosuf. She emphasized that Rotaract being a large young volunteer driven organisation, the languages, habits, cultures are not barriers until our aims are identical. Further she embraced that we can together make Sri Lanka a better place through innovative initiatives. She congratulated the Rotaract clubs which have been recognized by ROAR 2019 Rotaract South Asia MDIO for the endless effort in Rotary’s six areas of focus. The Rotaract club of SLIIT had also been recognized as one such outstanding club.


The District Rotaract Representative, Rtr. PP Amjath Yoosuf addressed the gathering while illuminating the four core values of his focus; equity, skill development and youth empowerment, creativity and innovation and, leadership and strategic planning are crucial for sustainability. Further, he emphasized that engaging in team work will lead the friends become family in the long run.


The gathering was entertained by Rtr. Kaushalya Ranasinghe with an amazing dancing performance and Rtr. Uvindu Jayasinghe by a mesmerizing singing performance.


The Guest of Honour for the day was Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, the General Secretary and former Executive Director at the Sarvodaya movement. He delivered his speech based on the role of youth in peace building and reconciliation.  Hence, he specified the four supplies states of Buddhism (Meththa, Karuna, Muditha, Upekha). Moreover, he mentioned that the diversity among us will drive ourselves towards to build a better nation together.

Next, the well-known public figures Gehan Blok and Dino Corera addressed the gathering in means of a digital platform where they empathized the need of young generation to be vigilant about the situation of the country and act accordingly. Also they highlighted the need of youth involvement in ensuring peace and reconciliation of Sri Lanka.

“We are more powerful than we believe ourselves to be”

Rtr. PP Krishan Raghuvaran Balaji signed in as the new District Rotaract Representative for the year 2019-20. His speech reflected that his main areas of focus for the next Rotaract year are augmenting literacy and being nature-friendly.



It is significant that the district 3220 has been able to accomplish the awards for best discipline district, best cooperative district, most outstanding district and overall championship at the Rotasia 2019.

The awards for the year 2018-19 were based on number of categories and out of the pool of awards, the Rotaract club of SLIIT was able to secure the following awards.

  • The gold award for most outstanding International Services project – Taffeta Path
  • Recognition of achieving Rotaract district citation 2018-19
  • President of the month of December 2018 – Rtr. Sethil Muhandiram
  • Recognition for exceptional spirit of service – Rtr Duleesha Waidyaratne

Also, the Rotaract club of SLIIT was nominated for the following awards at the District Assembly.

  • The Most Outstanding Professional Development Project of the Year Nomination – Team Alpha
  • The Most Outstanding Economic & Community Development Project Nomination- Sihina Tharanaya
  • The Most Outstanding Fundraiser in aid of Club Administration of the Year Nomination – Movie Marathon
  • The Most Outstanding Community Service Project (Peace & Conflict Prevention) Nomination- If you see something, say something

At this splendorous celebration of the 50 years of Rotaract service, the Rotaract club of SLIIT extends warm wishes for the new DRR, the District Rotaract Committee and all the other Rotaract clubs to gain strength and maximum potential to serve the community.

Written by-

Rtr. Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20


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