Light up their world 2.0– Day 01

21 st September 2019, didn’t feel like a usual Saturday. Even the Sun looked over joyed as if it was waiting to light up the world. The weekend which is meant to be relaxing and dedicated for sleepy heads was full of enthusiasm and excitement. It was a long-awaited day for our Rotaractors of SLIIT. The first day of the most contemplated and favorite project of all, LIGHT UP THEIR WORLD which was a gold award winning project in the year 2017-18.

We, a team of twenty-five volunteers started our journey to Morawinna Balika Child Development and Probation Center with the aim of launching the introductory session of our very own project Light Up their world which is planned to be continued for a period of six months. The main objectives of the project are fulfilling the basic needs of the innocent children who are living their lives missing the love they seek and lacking the care they wish for. With love and care filled in our hearts and knowledge to be shared, we were determined to spend our time with these little buds struggling to bloom as beautiful flowers.

Once we reached our destination the situation was a bit unexpected. Even though most of our little friends recognized us, there were some newly appeared buds in the garden too. Also, since most of our volunteers too were new to the project, an introductory round was mandatory. Already prepared name stickers were distributed among all and were asked to write down their name and paste it on their attire. Little kiddos were so excited and happy to introduce themselves. Within few minutes the stranger situation was gone and all were in the comfort zone. After, the children were asked to bring up their memories from the phase one of the project.  It was really satisfying and relieving to hear them singing the songs they learnt in the last phase with the help of our dedicated Rotaractors. Nothing else but these kids remembering what they learnt was the best reward we would ever receive.

Then, attention was given to the main purpose. Helping them with their studies. Children were in need of help for the subjects English and Mathematics as mentioned by the head Matron of the Child Development Center. Our talented Rotaractors were willing to educate them and improve their language and Mathematics skills. Children were grouped according to the grade they were currently studying and our Rotaractors involved in some language and Math skills with them in order to get an understanding about their current level. Thus using the basic understanding a curriculum could be prepared suiting each of the little fellows to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills.

Black and White Photo Collage Fitness Gym Poster (7).pngMeanwhile our little friends were given a small refreshment just to make sure they enjoyed every moment with us. After giving personal attention to each and every little friend, at last we were able to create a clear picture of what should be done in order to light up their world.

Time flew in a jiffy and unknowingly the noon already arrived. It was time for us to leave. The departure was painful than we expected. Even though it was only few hours we spent with them together, it felt like it was much longer. We were attached too soon. But them expecting us asking “Akki Ayya!, aye enawa neda?’’,  gave us hope and determination to do our best to give smiles to these innocent faces. Holding more love and affection than we brought in our hearts, we said good bye to our little angels marking the end of the first day of our precious project Light up their world 2.0.

Our kind hearted Rotaractors left SLIIT premises as visitors to meet some strangers but when we return we all felt like we formed a new family to love, share and care. None of us felt tired but our hearts were filled and weighted with love and eagerness to meet our little sisters again sooner also with the responsibility of bringing a quality to their lives. Personally it was among the best few hours I had ever spent in my life.Black and White Photo Collage Fitness Gym Poster (6)The Sun never complains for lighting up our lives. And we are now grown with an aim in our minds. Out there, some buds are watching us, seeking nothing but a ray of light to bloom up. For the world is cruel and these buds are yet small, they aren’t capable of reaching the Sun and blooming alone. So let’s be their stars and light up their world. Come join us and witness the buds bloom!

IMG_E3986LIGHT UP THEIR WORLD 2.0 to be continued……

Written by-

Rtr. Sakuni Galappaththi,

Member 2019/20


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