Magic is real! : Kindness, the secret recipe of the Pixie dust

“Do you believe in Magic? I do!”

Remember? Once upon a time, a poor girl called Cinderella became a princess, thanks to a Fairy God mother. An ugly frog turned to a handsome prince just by a kiss of a warm hearted princess. Windy and her siblings could fly to Neverland with Peter Pan because Tinker Bell shared her Pixie dust. All of them lived happily ever after thanks to this magic I believe .This magic is none other than ‘Kindness’.

Do you belive in magic (1)Kindness is the secret recipe of the Pixie dust that everybody needs just to turn the hard times in to joys of life and to magically turn one’s tears in to bright lovely smiles.

Kindness is a universal language. Even a blind person can find out the kind. Kindness is the light which guides us through the darkness of life. Simply it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Being Kind costs you nothing .But your Kindness could be someone’s everything. Your kind actions can light up and add colors to a gloomy life. This magic called, ‘Kindness’ takes nothing from you but earns you satisfaction enough for a lifetime.


If you want to gift the most precious thing to someone, that would be definitely ‘Kindness’. It could be offered in different ways. Might be a look in your eyes, a wide smile in your face, a small word that comes out from your lips, a clap you make with your hands or may be a step you move for the sake of somebody. Little things that we do, have the power to do great changes sometimes, we never know. So never underestimate this magic called Kindness.

Kindness is a quality which makes human standout from animals. It makes one beautiful both inside and out. If I am to define ‘Kindness’, I would rather say that it is the ‘pretty on the inside’. No one is prettier than somebody owning a kind, fair heart. So if you want to become pretty and admired, don’t just be eye candy, instead be soul food. Save a good heart full of kindness, use kind words, make actions full of love and justice. Eventually, your beauty will not only be seen but will be felt by other hearts. That Kind vibe in you will make you one of a kind.

‘Kindness’ is coupled up with another two important qualities; Sympathy and Empathy. Being Sympathetic is feeling sorry and bad for someone’s loses, downs and difficulties. Empathy is way different. Being empathetic is putting yourself in some other’s shoes. Looking at somebody’s problem through his/her point of view, relating yourself in the same situation. To be kind you need to be both empathetic and sympathetic. But more empathetic than just feeling bad. The more empathy you practice, more Kindness you can spread out. Once you become able to relate yourself in somebody’s pain your heart can fill up with kindness to make the pain relieved and also your kindness will add up determination to your soul to make sure that no body will go through the same pain again.

World is both heaven and hell. Even a rose carries tiny thorns hidden behind its petals. So do the world. Reality is truly painful. No matter how hard we try to make the world a good place, it always ends up with some bad popping up. Nothing is either fully white or black. But we can make the world colorful. All we need is a little ‘kindness’. When someone do bad to you or harm you physically, verbally or torture you mentally, don’t ever try to revenge them the same way. Never treat them the same way they treated you. Don’t ever give the same pain they gave you. Be exceptional. Other than losing your standards for someone who underestimated you, make them wonder how you survived. Return them a smile or a kind word or pay back with a help. Simply ‘kill them with kindness’. Be good to those who treat you bad, and be better to those who treat you good. Keep in your mind, that kindness is not just a sweet gift but also can be a sword to defend you at hard times of life.

Kindness create memories. These memories of few seconds worth a life time. It is always immeasurable. You cannot say I was this much kind relating to a scale. Whether it’s a small innocent animal you show kindness or a stranger you met accidentally, all that matters is the thought in your mind that mentored you to do something good to make a change for someone’s better. Kindness can make a person the richest or the poorest. Even if you own Billions but lack a heart which melts for one’s sorrow and eyes which wets at one’s pain, you are the poorest person on Earth. A kind heart is a treasure that no thief can ever steal. In my point of view, I see nothing rich than a kind, pure heart. For me ‘Kindness’ is everything.

People should be kind for no reason. We never know what some body could be going through in their lives. So we should try to be the best versions of ourselves to the world. First we should change our self then automatically the world will become a better place. Being kind isn’t always doing good to another but also making sure that nothing bad would happen even unknowingly through our actions. Being kind comes along with being mindful. A single thought of kindness in you, can be a reason to enlighten the whole world. So just make sure to be kind, and spread the message of being kind in the society. Think before act!

Do you belive in magic (2).pngOn November 13th, the world celebrates Kindness. Do we actually need a day separated in the calendar? Is a question to be asked from our own selves. True we are born alone and we die alone. But the journey we go through while living, cannot be ever completed alone. We need each other. We need to tolerate each other. Kindness is the magic which bonds up, us humans, animals and nature and keeps the world evolving.

Kindness is always quality over quantity. It’s how we share, care and bare each other. The amount doesn’t matter as long as we believe in Kindness. Kindness is to be given away, not to expect back. But remember, the more you give the more you will earn. May not be from the same person, at the same time, but I guarantee you will be treated back at some point of your life. That’s how magical Kindness can be. First be kind to yourself, be good to you. Then be kind to the world. Do good and hold on to the hope, that your Kindness will do the magic and make the world a better place. All we lack is “Humanity”. To create it we need to spread Kindness.

True care is rare, So Let’s know the worth of being kind, and find peace to both your mind and Mankind, For Kindness creates a ripple with no logical end.

Have faith in ‘Kindness’, and it will do the rest of the magic!

Written by-

Rtr. Sakuni Galappaththi,

Member 2019/20

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