From Personal Being to Personal Branding

From Personal Being to Personal Branding

iLuminary – phase 01, a personal branding workshop organized by the Rotaract club of SLIIT in collaboration with Women Techmakers was held on the 22nd of September 2019 at the SLIIT mini auditorium.

With around 40 participants consisting of both Rotaract club members and non-member undergraduates of SLIIT the workshop commenced at 9.00 am. The objective of the workshop was to enlighten us; the budding undergraduates to identify our values and the way of incorporating them in our career to build a self-brand.

The programme started off with welcoming all the participants and the speakers from Women Techmakers (WTM). The first speaker for the day was Ms. Dilini Weerasinghe, Quality Assurance Engineer and the WTM Ambassador of Sri Lanka. 

Ms. Weerasinghe began her session with an interactive group activity to test our basic knowledge on personal branding.


The winners were awarded with a gift pack from the Women Techmakers. During the first session of the program we were able to get a clear idea on what personal branding is and the areas we should pay attention to when polishing our very own brand.

The second session of the workshop was conducted by Ms. Nuwini Chamindi, Junior Project Manager of WTM. Objective of this session was to see if one really reflects the characteristics that he/she believes to possess in him/herself. In this process the group was divided into pairs and each member of the pair was asked to write three words that describes him/her best in one’s own perspective.


At the same time a similar description had to be written on his/her partner based on one’s point of view. Thereafter each other’s self-description and the point of view of the partner was compared. Closer one’s self-description with what the partner has thought is matching with indicated the degree of effectiveness of your portraying of your intended image in the eyes of the others. Further the gaps were identified, and different viewpoints were discussed for self-evaluation to achieve greater results.

The workshop concluded with the presentation of certificates. It was indeed a productive Sunday morning with professionals who guided us to stand out and be counted by being strong brands.


A very special thank goes out to the Women Techmakers team for their valuable time and commitment. Also, like to congratulate the Rotaract club of SLIIT for a nicely organized event and look forward to having many more events of this nature in future.


Written by –

Rtr. Vinuri Galagoda

Coordinator – PD 19/20


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