Sentier 2020: A holistic experience

As the great saying goes, “There’s no limit for learning’s and no boundaries for places to implement your knowledge”, so we the Rotaract club of SRMIST, Chennai, India did our first international project ‘Sentier 2020’ from 10th January, 2020 to 19th January, 2020 in Sri Lanka. We are extremely grateful to the Rotaract club of SLIIT, Sri Lanka for inviting us to their beautiful country and do a project with them.

The project name ‘Sentier’ taken from French word meaning trail or path. As the name suggests, our journey has been a beautiful learning path for us. From the very beginning, it was a very homely feeling as the President and the Vice President of the club themselves came to receive us at the airport. The hospitality of the host club exceeded our expectations, not only they made us feel welcomed, but they went out of their way to ensure that we experience their way of life, including their culture, language and cuisine. We all found Sri Lanka amazing, with its mesmerizing beauty of the beaches, mountains, waterfalls and kind people. We made a lot of new friends whom we’ll remember for life.


As Rotaractors each one of us felt proud to have done community service, gain professional skills and experience cultural exchange. We visited different tourist places like beaches, waterfall and temples. We interacted with people and learned a lot about their lifestyles and also shared ours. We went to children’s well-being center  and really enjoyed the time spent with the children. We enjoyed drawing, coloring and dancing with  them. On our last day we attended SLIIT’s  general Rotaract meeting of the month and were impressed by their work and professionalism. We also got the honor of signing a twin club agreement with them.


All in all it was a fruitful experience We all feel lucky that we got this chance and are thankful to the Rotaract club of SLIIT for hosting us and for making the experience of our first International project memorable and successful. Looking forward to meet again soon.

Written by-
Rtr. Nishita Hiresha Verma

Director- International Services 2019/20
Rotaract Club of SRM Kattankulathur

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