Celebration of Valentine’s during Quarantine

Sounds weird? It’s okay🤭

List down the things that you did during this quarantine period being “trapped” inside the house. In most of the lists’ the “most important but now bored” thing would be scrolling up and down, sea-saw or sliding board? No, Facebook.
Therefore, I thought of sharing my quarantine experience with you.


Most of us possess different kinds of hidden talents. I believe that this is the best time to unleash those talents.

If you are in love with someone, this would be the ideal time to show your love towards them. This sophisticated world with continuous technological development has limited us from expressing our true emotions. After all, we are human beings who are blessed with the magical thinking power. The above stated loved ones are not only your partners. It could be your parents, siblings, friends and yes, the better halves. So, let’s make use of the thinking power to make them surprise. Back then, when no mobile phones were there, people wrote letters to their loved ones. Those letters were full of emotions and beautifully penned poems, free-verses. Today, such warm emotions have become things we are restricted of. No, it is not the government rules or regulations but our own busy schedules. However, mother nature herself has now given us a break for our never ending marathon. Spare a moment and compare your life three months back with your current life. Just like the way that the Earth is getting “repaired”, we are also given an opportunity to repair ourselves. I personally feel that myself is cleansing, healing and most importantly, developing the spiritual peace. Slowly but steadily, I am now in the process of identifying my true potential. I request all the beloved readers gliding through these words to stop, wait and listen to yourselves. Yes! Make the decision to bring the best out of you!

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s during the quarantine!
Valentine’s Day is generally accepted as a period of showing love and affection towards loved ones. This quarantine period has the ability to add more warmth to these emotions. You can explore yourself and make use of your creativity to make handcrafted items.


Mother nature has taught us the lesson that the things we consider as waste are no longer waste but assets. Even the polythene we throw away could add more elegance to handcrafts (think how). Also, I spent some time searching for cute leaves, flowers and tree barks to be pressed and used to make cards (I discovered numerous natural shades and shapes). Not only cards, you also can make photo frames, ornaments, key tags and what not.🎨

1585572075080_Dark and Cream Specials Coffee Photo Collage

Apart from these, you can write lengthy letters to your loved ones (perhaps weird but memorable), poems and free-verses. You will be able to find the hidden writer, poet within you. I am happy that one such poem I penned got featured in a Facebook page.💌

My next favorite is taking care of plants. Surprisingly, within the limited garden area available, I was able to find naturally grown herbs. I used to plant Orchids but eventually had to give up. However, two weeks ago I discovered the same bunch of Orchid plants in the same Coconut log still struggling to survive, not to even mention that I was delighted like a pirate who discovered a treasure.🌱


Aside from these, most of my time is spent in cooking different kinds of food (Master Chef sessions👩‍🍳). I used the usual ingredients to prepare unusual food which were obviously edible. Green tea pudding, egg less omelette and sweet idly were able to secure high points from my father.

This is my “home arrest” period up to today in a nutshell. I believe I have celebrated and laid the platform for future celebration of Valentine’s Day not limiting to 14th of February. Even this write up itself is a part of the celebration becuase I share and spread my love towards you. Words are not enough to explain the experience, happiness and inner peace I secured during these couple of days. I wish everyone good health and ability to spend a fruitful quarantine period. You are welcome to share your experience here.


Among all these, I would like to remind all of you to take the necessary actions before it’s too late to combat the devastating Covid-19.
Last but not least, love yourself, spread love and care during our limited stay on this Earth. One day, we will be memories to the world, make sure those memories are cherishing.


Written by –

Rtr. Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20

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