FAQ about 50-SHADES

Hey! Wanna know about 50-SHADES?

Here is the way👇
This article is compiled based on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the project 50-SHADES!

20200402_170921_0000It is a virtual scavenger hunt organized by the Rotaract Club of SLIIT in which no physical movement, cuts, bruises, or pain is involved but a thirst to triumph. The participants will be awarded with points from the beginning i.e. registration to the event itself.


20200402_170921_0001Anyone and Everyone around the globe! It is a public event.
Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotarians, friends of Rotaract and everyone around the globe despite any barrier is welcome. Bring your better half and stand a chance to score points. 


20200402_170921_0002There will be 50 riddle based quests and more fun-filled side challenges to be completed in 5 rounds. The riddle based quests are based on the articles published at rotaractsliit.com. The quests will be on time bound. However, everyone will be allowed to participate in all 5 rounds. The best time records and total points will be considered to select the winner. The judges decision will be the final decision.


20200402_170921_0003It is an individual based scavenger hunt. Yes, a one-man show.


20200402_170921_0004Please use the following link to get registered for this biggest virtual scavenger hunt.


Consider it as the entrance ticket to this mysterious yet majestic event. Please accurately fill all the required details.


20200402_170921_0005The sooner the better!! The speediest entrants will be awarded with baby-steps to the scavenger hunt. The “Early Birds” slot is already filled and no you are no late. Every participant will be awarded with baby-steps but the earliest will be awarded with more number of baby-steps


20200402_170921_0006Yes! The champion will be rewarded with a Grand Cash Prize of Rs.10,000 and we have rewards for all the participants of the event. Surprises all the way~ 💰


20200402_170921_0007The next step would be gathering all the participants into a one platform i.e. to the official WhatsApp group. If you are already registered, you will be notified with a message and added to the Official group by next week.

Remember, the TREASURE  is awaiting in the greeny alley!!


Register NOW!!!💰🏴‍☠️

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