Help Her Raise – Phase 01

Donation of maternity hospital bags~ Support from us to the expectant mothers

Sri Lanka being a developing country boast of having the lowest infant mortality rate (nearly 8 per 1000 live births) in South Asia. The reason for having such low infant mortality rate is the availability of mother care & child care advice along with easy access for clinical facilities to pregnant mothers during their pregnancy. Also, the health system in Sri Lanka provides such free safe medical facilities to pregnant mothers during delivery.

The Pregnant mothers are advised to bring a maternity bag when they are going to the hospital for the delivery to facilitate the immediate requirements of the mother and the newly born baby. However, about 20% of the mothers face difficulties to afford the items required for the maternity bag.

“Nine months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime” 

An expectant mother is a divining gift for the cosmos. She should be loved, taken care of and shown affection. The happier she is, the safer will be the baby.

With the above aim in mind, the Rotary club of Battaramulla together with the Rotaract Club of SLIIT, in partnership with the Rotary club of Essendon, Australia hosted a donation of maternity hospital bags for expectant mothers at the Thalangama base hospital. The members of Rotaract club of SLIIT were also privileged to witness this divining project by organizing the day’s tasks, coordinating the day and distributing the materials to eighty three (83) expectant mothers.

Each mother was donated with a package of maternity essential items including baby sheets, napkins, baby blankets, bed jackets.

Visiting the hospital at 8.00AM in the morning, twenty of the the dedicated Rotaractors of RACSLIIT prepared the premises to make it more comfortable for the mothers and prepared the donation items. It is commendable how the Rotaractors handled the registration table and the donation of items. It was our utmost pleasure to serve those expectant mothers as they carry the future of the country. Their smiles let us know that the effort was worthwhile.



Written by –

Rtr. Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20

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