Be a Hero; Stay Home

“Did you ever think that you could be a hero by staying at home?”  I know somehow we all want be heroes. Now, there is a chance to be heroes without any hard effort. Stay home if you really love your beloved ones and I hope you all are safe and well.

“Quarantine” the word which you continuously hear in these days. I still remember how we celebrated the day that all of us got a vacation for 2 weeks of time period. Now that two week of time period has been extended indefinitely. Sounds good right? No, we are humans, we’re getting bored of doing the same thing again and again, we always want to do new exciting things to avoid our laziness. There are few things that you can do during this quarantine but choice is yours whether you make your quarantine something worthwhile or you give up everything.

So I thought of sharing my quarantine experience. I’m a person who doesn’t like to go to the university, so I was really happy about the quarantine vacation. Days passed and my happiness disappeared little by little. How would it be if you have to stay alone at home during quarantine period? you have to prepare meals by yourself, no one is there even to talk and having back to back assignments. How bored and stressed it would be? I’m in a situation like that. So I looked for ways to get rid of this. I tried many ways. Cooking by myself is one of my challenging quarantine experience. I prepared different types of meals with limited ingredients.

Eating Healthy Instagram Post

This quarantine totally changed my daily routine specially my sleeping time. Fashion designing is one of my favorite things but I’m not a good artist. There is a quote “Try and try one day you can fly”. I just tried one drawing and I posted it in my social media account. I got many good comments. I never drew nice like that before. May be it’s a hidden talent of mine.  Make this time an opportunity to reveal all your talents. Sing, dance, draw, play mobile games do anything you feel comfortable. You may good at something special, do what you like and don’t forget to do your studies and remember your assignment due dates. Watch movies, read books, Watch cartoons (luckily some TV channels started to telecast old cartoon). If you don’t have anything to do just sleep.

During this island wide curfew situation we have been asked to stay at home but personnel at health services, security services including police and all three forces are at their duties. It’s all for us; for our own good. They also have families, children but they sacrifice all their happiness to do their duty. So we should not be selfish. As responsible citizens we need to think about that and support them to overcome from this pathetic situation. Just following what they request is more than enough to survive.

Also due to curfew people with less income, beggars, homeless people, handicapped people, orphanages, Theros find it difficult to face the situation. So if you get a chance, please feel free to purchase some extra food where you can donate to those people. You can give dry rations for Theros if you can’t send any alms for them and also send some dry rations for orphanages. A small portion of something would make them happy. Don’t forget to give some food for animals too.

At last I want to say; wash your hands frequently, wear a face mask, avoid close contacts, immediately seek for medical treatment at the occurrence of any COVID-19 symptoms and inform respective parties. This is not an advice this is message from a responsible citizen as well as a daughter of a national security officer.

Written by –

Rtr. Ishini Weerasinghe

Member 2019/20

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