50-SHADES🧩: Level 01


RIDDLES- Round 01

Name the project / the particular phase/ the Wordsmiths Article (10 points per each)


Even the rock hard hearts would melt by the echos of the Angels!


Twinkling toes up and down, reminded us of a barby doll. Neighbors became friends and friends became family! 


Oh busy folks, a quickie would be ideal to splash her out!


All men are mortal but the good deeds will be immortal. Doing good before the death – that’s what Rotaract meant for us!


It is so doleful that how warmth could cause icy cold tears. The death of him reminds us of what we,humans have done to the world!


Here I present you the evidence for things you say that hard to believe. Dead yet Alive, Bokors’ powder is devastating – would result it like a bite of a pufferfish.


The rain or the mosquito bites were never a barrier to the artists as the intention was to see the cherubic beams of kids.  


A perfect power house would never emit extra heat. It will even provide you food. Caution: You would fall in love with this process once you see the results of building these power houses at home.


Fellowship with angelic twirls and risen toes could spread the word of Kindness.


Thanks to Rotaract it was pawsibble to regale an innocent life in the name of mine.

Submit your answers for the riddles here👇🏼





1. Challenge-More the merrier (05 points)

Invite 2 new friends to play 50-SHADES🧩.

Step 01:
You have to get 2 NEW players and make them play 50-SHADES. Send this invitation link asking them to join this WhatsApp group.


Make sure they fill this new registration form to get their user ID! (Ask them to drop a message on that newly joined WhatsApp group to receive their user ID)


Step 02:
Submit the full names of the 2 new players you introduced.

✅Points will be rewarded only if the 2 new players register and submit their answers

2. Challenge- Read, read, read! (05 points)

Step 01:
Subscribe our blog rotaractsliit.com

Step 02:
Check your email and activate your subscription.50-SHADES proof doc

Step 03:
Submit a screenshot of your confirmation email.

✅Points are awarded only if the subscription is activated via mail.

3. Premium Challenge- Say “I love you” to your favorite cake! (15 points)

We all know that we’ve been missing out on a lot of cake these days. But the love for cake never changed yeah? Here’s your chance to say I love you to your favorite cake baked by cakes 2.0❤️.

Step 01:
All you got to do is, use these 3 mandatory terms ; “Cakes 2.0” , “Maniac“, “Till death do us apart!” in your video for sure and give it a shot with your creativity!
(Duration– maximum 30 seconds)

Step 02:
The video should be posted from your personal Instagram account tagging both the pages cakes_2.0 and rotaract_sliit

Step 03:
Submit the screenshot/ screen recording of your creation after posting it!

Step 04:
Don’t forget to follow both the pages and comment “done” on one of the challenge posters. Tag and challenge your friends to ensure maximum points and increase the chances of winning a big box of cuppies!Premium challenge 01

😢OOPS! You’re not on Instagram?
You can still earn the points by submitting your video through the given Google form.

Have fun! ❤️

Submit your proof documents for the challenges here👇🏼



✅ Did you answer the riddles and submit the Google form for riddles?

✅ Did you complete all 3 challenges and submit the proof documents to Google form for challenges?

If yes, congratulations! You have successfully completed level ONE! 🎊

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