50 SHADES🧩: Level 02


RIDDLES- Round 01

Name the project / the particular phase/ the Wordsmiths Article (10 points each)

🧩 01

An expanse of salty bliss, safety vests, diverse teams, paved the way for a satisfactory task!

🧩 02

The more we learn, the bigger the difference we could make. A comfy seat a cozy space succored to remold a worthy phase!

🧩 03

The surprise epistles would echo the memories made among the salty bliss, hill breeze and capital warmth!

🧩 04

The dust being a must, zest was the best!

🧩 05

A selenophile obsessed about full moon, merits with a heap of smiles. A wealthier is an educated; a healthier is an elated who could fight for rights!

🧩 06

Celluloids create stereotypes, isn’t it? aren’t you sick of these marriage proposals? By the way I would prefer Chocolate Ice cream over Vanilla!

🧩 07

Technology and women: sounds odd? Oh dear then you are living under a rock! However I am not judging you, you create your own image!

🧩 08

“Sentier” the french word carries the meaning of trail. However, if life is a trail I cannot walk their trails but I can definitely pay my steps to make theirs’ beautiful; no matter whether I am younger or elder!

🧩 09

Oh tragedy! Someone could have sent those fallen heroes a deflector shield like in Star Wars.
Hey fighter, do good; they said but little did they know the pain of a painful death!

🧩 10

What a perfect getaway, Wow! the lovely water, time for a good bath; I thought but..
Oh dear! It was a trap with a tarn of Magma!!

Submit your answers for the riddles here👇🏼





1. Challenge- Draw a dinosaur! (05 points)

Yeah you heard it right! Draw a dinosaur and submit your masterpiece! You may color it too if you want.

2. Earth Day challenge! 🌍 – (05 points)

Step 01:

Get this template and add your own vow promising to save the planet earth in celebration of the Earth Day!


Step 02:
Upload your promise on social media and tag our pages! Get a screenshot of it and upload as the proof document.

3. Premium Challenge- (10 Points)

Step 01:
Visit http://www.rbdeals.co and figure out the names of two arcade games Red Bull has!

Step 02:
Play one of the arcade games you wish, take a screenshot of the scores (Higher the better 😉) and upload it on your Instagram story tagging @redbullsrilanka and @rotaract_sliit

Step 03:
Don’t forget to follow both the Instagram pages to increase the chances of winning an amazing prize from Red Bull!

Submit your proof documents for the challenges here👇🏼



✅ Did you answer all the riddles and submit the Google form for riddles?

✅ Did you complete all 3 challenges and submit the proof documents to Google form for challenges?

If yes, congratulations! You have successfully completed level TWO! 🎊

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