50-SHADES🧩: Level 03


RIDDLES – Round 03

Name the project / the particular phase/ the Wordsmiths Article (10 points each)

🧩 01

Eyes gleamed with the light of the splendid moments one after another; I doubt are blind. Wishes for cleaner wisdom and merit; however, the dirt being dumped. Which is why Rotaractors came into action no matter whether it is dawn or dusk!

🧩 02

You will get bored of everything once you hit the maximum. However, Not all heroes wear capes!

🧩 03

Kingdom echoes the hail of lion nation. Freedom smells the pool of breathe of fallen heroes. Wisdom rises as we share the pride!

🧩 04

A tiny blog explains a lot about a massive work. Filling the pocket and the tummy at the same time wasn’t an easy task.

🧩 05

No matter the creed or culture, the effort was worthwhile where it wasn’t another trudge but a victorious journey for a greener future my mates!

🧩 06

Yes, I am a Rotaractor; an enchanter blessed with a virtue. The mighty powder can shade the wretched lives.

🧩 07

It is a never-ending voyage. Port to port, sea to sea it collaborates seamen, then mould them into captains. It is a relay; not a rat race. Never letting the batton down, it has completed a sexennial; now rising for a better tomorrow!

🧩 08

Caused by lack of love and care, people commit the offence even though aware. Prevention is better than cure I swear, my dear! compassion is not so rare.

🧩 09

One expert per team with inexorable rotaractors were on a major mission to find the tiny yet fatal enemies!

🧩 10

Moana, we love you! and that has no barrier of South or East!

Submit your answers for the riddles here👇🏼





Challenge 01- It’s not just another video (10 points)

Step 01:
Watch this video.

Step 02: (4 points)
Comment your thoughts regarding that video(project) in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share the video.

Step 03: (6 points)
Answer the following questions.
1. What is the name of the project?
2. What is the name of the recycling centre?

Challenge 02- Find the sleepy heads (5 points)

Where can you find these sleepy heads? Name the blog article.IMG_20200430_155845

Challenge 03-Premium Challenge by Tshirt Geek (15 points)

Step 01:
Figure out a creative way of reusing an old T-shirt.

Step 02:
Upload a short video on Instagram tagging rotaract_sliit. Let your creativity overflowwwww!

Step 03:
Don’t forget to like these pages.
https://www.facebook.com/tshirtGeek/ and https://www.facebook.com/RotaractSLIIT/

The most creative lucky winners will get the chance to get their own customised Ts from Tshirt GEEK!

BONUS Challenge-Guide the treasure hunter (10 points)


Submit your proof documents for the challenges here👇🏼


✅ Did you answer all the riddles and submit the Google form for riddles?

✅ Did you complete all 3 challenges and submit the proof documents to Google form for challenges?

If yes, congratulations! You have successfully completed level THREE! 🎊

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