International Runway

IMG_20200501_221934International Runway, which took place on the 13th of March was Rotaract ICBT’s endeavor to bring some novelty into the avenue of International Services. Bringing forth a completely original idea to the table, the project sought to enlighten and exhibit the many cultural differences between countries. It was the red carpet for celebration of beauty in the world’s inherent diversity, which the Rotaract Club of ICBT seamlessly presented in the form of a narrow runway and a world of opportunity to be creative. A few weeks prior, each participating club had drawn one of seven countries which they would have to represent on the runway. The following weeks were taken to plan out their performances, design the attire and rehearse, each club vying for the coveted first prize. Come the day, the presentations of each participant-club were absolutely remarkable, with each club going for a unique theme and a premise.

Representing England, Rotaract Club of IIT succeeded in personifying the blue-blooded English regality mixed with the drab simplicity of the working-class Englishman wearing a top hat while the Rotaract club of Colombo West showcased the beauty of Japanese culture.


Rotaract Club of Fort earned the honor of representing Sri Lanka, where they took it upon themselves to show the variety in the cultures that call the island a home, showing what makes each community unique and different, but most importantly showing what made them so similar and united.

Rotaract Club of SLIIT on the other hand, who represented China, chose a theme pertaining to the passing of time. The clothing worn by the contestants depicted the sociopolitical environment the people of China were subject to during each passing era. Starting from the dark ages the designs and fashion progressed from dull and monotone to loud and exuberant in the imperial ages. This in turn receded to the dark and uniform hues of the revolution and finally settled in the familiarity of the modern era.

The culture and the knowledge gained and passed down by generations was symbolized in the form of a lantern, which was passed from hand to hand. This lantern, which started off unlit, gradually increased in brightness as it was passed from one era to another, depicting the slow ascent of China to become a formidable world power.

Rotaract Club of Colombo Midtown truly made an impression with their delightful performance representing Africa. Their energy on stage was only matched by their own members off stage who were consistently cheering them on with letter boards and their voices.

Yet, perhaps the highlight of the event was the performance by the hosts: the Rotaract Club of ICBT, whose performance was nothing short of astounding. Representing Greece, the entire team was adorned with flowing chiffon clothing designed to look like ancient Greek chitons and peploi. The costumes were further embellished with handmade ornaments, such as a golden headdress worn by one of the contestants which was designed to look like a crown of serpents, a clear homage to Medusa. Backed by the booming theme of Game of Thrones, the hosts created a spectacle of epic proportions, mixing beauty, love, grace and chaos; much like the rich heritage of Greece itself.

Rotaract ICBT surely made an impression with the performance as well the amazing event itself, and the judge panel which consisted of Miss. Minoli Dayaratne, Miss. Ornella Gunusekara and Mr Brian Kerkoven, made the well deserving decision of awarding the win to the hosts.


After the main performances, the ramp was declared open for the Rotaractors to express their individuality. Detached from their respective teams, each participant had to come up with ways to distinguish themselves to make an impression on the judges. Rtr. Lalantha Panditharathne and Rtr. Tanuli Gunawardana from the Rotaract Club of Kurunegala seized the awards for the best male and female performances respectively, with their electric presence on the ramp.

The event concluded on a high note, with a DJ session marking the end of the hitherto mesmerizing night.

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Picture courtesy: Xtream Youth

Written by-

Rtr. Randima Fernando

Member 2019-20 



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