Tips & Clues

🔙Let’s revisit level 01

Tips for Jackpots💰

TIP 01🗝️
🔹 What are jackpots?
Jackpots are hidden GIFs found inside random blogs that allow you to get bonus points if found.

TIP 02🗝️
🔹 How do you get points when you hit a jackpot ?
When you find a GIF that says Jackpot, click on it, and you will be directed to a form to which you have to enter the Team ID.

TIP 03🗝️
🔹 How many times can a team fill the Jackpot form?
One team can only fill each jackpot form only ONCE. You can always find more new jackpots if you search for more!!

Tips for Individual Challenges 💸

TIP 01 🗝️
🔹 What are individual challenges?
If a side challenge is an individual challenge, it will be mentioned in the blog. Pay attention to the points.

TIP 02 🗝️
🔹 How do submissions for individual challenges work?
If all three members are allowed to take part, then each submission from a team must be unique to get full points. The same submission, must not be uploaded more than once from a team.

General tips 🏴‍☠️💰

TIP 01 🗝️
🔹 Do we get bonus points if we finish early in the upcoming levels?
Please note that starting from level 02, NO EXTRA POINTS WILL BE GIVEN FOR BEING FAST TO FINISH THE QUEST.
So take your time, and finish the quest within the time allocated.

TIP 02 🗝️
🔹How to score full marks from riddles?
To get full marks, submit the blog name and the relevant project / special day that is mentioned in that blog to the form.
Be careful! The riddles can mislead you!

Level 02- Find the missing piece 🧩

  1. Solve the riddle and go to the relevant blog.
  2. Inside the blog, there is a hidden link. Find it and click on it.
  3. The link will take you to caption stark AKA Facebook.
  4. Hidden in the comments, you will find a part of a puzzle.
  5. Download the puzzle image.
  6. Leave your team ID in the comments for points.
  7. The first 9 riddles will lead you to 9 different puzzle pieces.
  8. Put the pieces together! Solve the puzzle!
  9. The puzzle is the answer to the 10th riddle (the blog article)

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