50-SHADES 🔎🧩 ~ Level 0️⃣5️⃣

RIDDLES- Level 05 ~ Final Quest

Important :
NAME THE ARTICLE AND THE PROJECT NAME or Name the article and SPECIAL DAYS Name (each 10 marks)

Ahoy Pirates 🦜
Follow the map for the Golden Treasure. 🏴‍☠️💰

You have 10 riddles to crack.

You will start from the YouTube, where you will get your first riddle.

Follow the map 👇🏼

Click here

A guide for the map: 🔎
🧩Visit the YouTube 👉🏼 Click Here
🧩Subscribe to our page.
🧩Watch the video and find the first riddle answer- R1

💰Solve the riddle and go to the blog R1 takes you to.
💰In that blog, you will find your next riddle – R2. (The riddle is buried deep within one of the pictures of the respective blog)
💰Likewise, one riddle answer will lead you to the other blog.

🏴‍☠️IMPORTANT: Note down the riddle code and the riddle answer to be submitted in the riddle form. (R1,R2… R10)
⚠️Putting the wrong code will give you less marks even if the answer is correct.

🏴‍☠️Follow the right path! 🦜I repeat! Follow the right path. Or else you’ll get lost! 5 points each will be awarded for following the correct path.

💰You will end the final hunt with a quest to escape 50-SHADES. (You’ll get the quest by the final step if you follow the right path.)


⏳For the riddles you have time till 10.30 PM

GOOD LUCK with the HUNT 🧢🔎🧩

Submit your answers for the riddles here 👇🏼


CHALLENGES – Level 05 ~ Final Quest

1.Take me home 🏡🐹- Group challenge (5 POINTS) 🏅
  1. Follow the link below 👇🏽

2. Play the game and reach level 03.

3. Take a screenshot of your level board

4. Upload the screenshot here for 5 points 👇🏼

2. PREMIUM CHALLENGE – The Green Pirate 🏴‍☠️🌳- Group challenge (25 POINTS)🏅
  1. Make an awareness video with a message to the public.
  2. The video can highlight one or more of the following topics:

🍃 Importance of sustainability
🍃 Importance of being a responsible consumer
🍃 How can we make our home greener?

Guidelines :
✔️ The video duration : 2 minutes max.

✔️ Atleast one team member must be visible in the video.

✔️ The content must send a clear awareness message to the public based on the chosen topic(s).

✔️Key points will be given for creativity, presentation, novelty and content.

✔️ One submission per team

Submit your video here 🍃👇🏼


3. PREMIUM CHALLENGE – With signs may we be equal 🤝- Individual challenge (30 POINTS)🏅
  1. Visit the Voice of Silence Facebook page 👇🏼
  2. Like the page
  3. Watch the alphabet episodes posted and learn how to spell your first name in sign language.
  4. Record yourself while spelling the name in sign language. (1 video for each member)
  5. Make sure you have good lighting for the video with a clear background.

Guidelines :

✔️Make sure your hands are clearly visible.

✔️To get more points, ensure your hand gestures are accurate.

✔️Video orientation- landscape

🔹All 3 members can submit, 3 separate videos of them doing their name in sign language. (3 submissions= more points)

The pirate who masters sign language will be awarded with an exciting prize from The Confectionery – Sri Lanka. 🎁

Submit your video here 🤝👇🏼 (INDIVIDUAL submission)


One Video for Each Member.

4. PREMIUM CHALLENGE – The Entertainer 🤡🎭- Group challenge (25 POINTS)🏅

Make a TikTok video to entertain the grumpy pirates! It could be an act, dance or anything creative.

Guidelines :
✔️The video duration : 1 minute max.

✔️ Atleast one team member must act in the video.

✔️The content is upto your imagination. It could be innovative, inspirational, comical etc. but make sure that it will please the crowd.

✔️Make sure the content is not R- rated.

✔️Key points will be given for creativity, entertainment factor, novelty and content.

✔️ One submission per team

Submit your video here 🤹🏻‍♂️👇🏼



✅ Have you completed submitting the answers for riddles?

✅ Have you completed submitting the answers for challenges?

✨ If so, You have Successfully Completed your Level 05

Congratulations to our hunters! 🥳

The hunt has come to an end for all the Pirates, see you all next year!

The final scoreboard of 50 Shades 2021! 🏴‍☠️👇🏼

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