50 Shades: Level 1


(Each Riddle: 10 Points; Maximum: 10×10=100 Points)

Each riddle is directed at a specific blog in the blog site. Your teams task is to decode where the 10 riddles are directed at and enter the exact name of the blog as the answer in the submission link given (filled by the Group Leader)

GOOD LUCK with the HUNT 🧢🔎🧩

🔐🔎Riddle 01

Years past since this tragedy came to pass

Nothing has happened the least bit comparable

How fairs the country since this came to pass?

Not great, not terrible

🔐🔎Riddle 02

By hundreds they flocked, opportunity they sought

Seeking to employ, the skills they were taught

Hope they did to fulfil their aspirations

Tried their luck they did with corporations

🔐🔎Riddle 03

God walks into a Baskin-Robbins

“We have 6 flavors: up, down, top, bottom, strange, charm”

God goes, “I’ll take all of em!”

🔐🔎Riddle 04

Improve if you seek to be, by these rules you shall abide

Meet experts in the field, and guidance they’ll provide

Step two of three; you should stick for the whole ride

Long you shall go, with this massive ……………

🔐🔎Riddle 05

Her hands did glow as a dying ember

She was frozen mid fall if I barely remember

If caught she was, they would surely dismember

Remember remember her name is …………….

🔐🔎Riddle 06

Dearest S,

Your lies and deceit lay asunder

As do you and your blood down under

Years I made most severe of a blunder

Do I regret my actions I wonder?

Sincerely M.

🔐🔎Riddle 07

From the halls of Verona to the walls of Troy

What tragedy followed those afflicted

Yet time and time again man fell for its folly

Maybe the sweetness was worth the sting

🔐🔎Riddle 08

Scars, lines and wrinkles across your skin

Recount a story worth telling 

Life worth remembering, beauty worth admiring 

Hidden in shapes, colors and sizes

Comes a life worth loving, living and rejoicing

🔐🔎Riddle 09

Dwarves, warriors, beasts and giants

Strewn across a tapestry in heavens 

Where centuries passed in the blink of an eye

Where history of an eternity was written in chaos

🔐🔎Riddle 10

Whence we came, where we are going

Answers hidden in cosmic mathematics

Where all occurs in relative

Only absolute is ignorance 

Submit your answers for the riddles here 👇🏼



(30 Points)

Your teams task is to create an awareness video with a message to the public on Suicide Prevention.

Following are the guidelines to be followed:

  • The video duration: Between 1 to 2 minutes
  • At least one team member must be visible in the video
  • The content must send a clear awareness message to the public
  • Key points will be given for creativity, presentation, novelty and content.
  • One submission per team
  • Use copyright free music if music is used
  • Videos should not exceed 1GB

The video created must be submitted to the below link: 👇🏼

💰The winner of the Master Challenge is decided based on the video with the most number of likes, shares and comments (collectively) by 11:59PM on the 24th of May, 2022.

💰The videos will be published on the Facebook page at 9AM on the 24th of May, 2022.

Best of Luck!


(10 Points)

🔸Step 01:

Take a ZOOM call and make the shape of a heart using your hands. Take a screenshot of your heart

🔸Step 02:

Get the template and add your screenshot to the template and add your thoughts on Love

Download the template by clicking here, however, the PDF template is password protected. Decrypt the below clue to get the password:

Clue for the Template

🔸Step 03:

Upload your picture (using the template) along with your thoughts (few words) on Instagram and mention @rotaract_sliit and @love_is_love_by_racsliit! Get a screenshot of the Instagram story and upload it as a document of proof to the below submission link:


by Sathi Designer Wear

(20 Points)

🔸Step 01: 

Come up as a team a creative way of How to use a T-Shirt as not like a T-Shirt. Remember, the most creative ideas win!

🔸Step 02:

To receive the complete points for this challenge, don’t forget to like their pages on:

The most creative lucky winner will get the chance to win gifts from Sathi Designer Wear!

🔸Step 03:

Upload your creativity as an Instagram story and mention @rotaract_sliit and @sathi.designerwear. Get a screenshot of the Instagram story and upload it as a document of proof to the below submission link:

Refer the blog on Jackpots to earn more points! Remember, highest points wins!

Once you are done with Level 1, await for Level 2 on the 26th of May, 2022! 🏴‍☠️


Click below to view where your team is on the leaderboard at the end of Level 01!

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