50 Shades: Level 2


(5 points for each correct word; Max 35 Points)

Solve the riddles and find the words for the crossword. Submit the Google Form given below once done.


  1. Change your lifestyle and improve your mental wellbeing for a positive life.
  2. Strategies and planning maintain the flow of life
  3. A natural System followed for 3000 years to keep mind, body and soul connected
  4. Release bodily and mental tension
  5. Clock keeps ticking but you need to manage it


  1. Be conscious and balance your mental and physical energy
  2. Learn from the experiences and achieve your goals

Submit your answers for the crossword here 👇🏼


(Each Riddle: 10 Points; Maximum: 10×10=100 Points)

Each riddle is directed at a specific blog in the blog site. Your teams task is to decode where the 10 riddles are directed at and enter the exact name of the blog as the answer in the submission link given (filled by the Group Leader)

GOOD LUCK with the HUNT 🧢🔎🧩

🔐🔎Riddle 01

Priceless it may be, but some get it for free

Essential it is, one of seventeen

🔐🔎Riddle 02

Encourage it did to speak words most eloquent 

To enthrall and enchant with conduct most elegant

Fear and anxiety, flushed! ‘Twas evident

Character, it built to be most eminent

🔐🔎Riddle 03

Originally fixed upon solstice of winter

Brought back to life with Charlemagne’s coronation 

Traditions most holy from pagans did splinter

A time for the flock filled with elation

🔐🔎Riddle 04

Where hardship holds true 

Don’t forget to come through 

As every lemon turned lemonade

For success, your hardships you’ll trade

🔐🔎Riddle 05

What do all nerds hate

All jocks love

That covid took away

We sorely miss?

🔐🔎Riddle 06

From root to crown may the energy flow

As the song soothes and the body rests

🔐🔎Riddle 07

Growing startups

For they are the buildup

Grooming ideas and to refine

For a second time

🔐🔎Riddle 08

Bringing closer two nations

Already connected with Adams Bridge

Delicacies represent their faces

After the nations British infringe

🔐🔎Riddle 09

Glory was brought home

After athletic success away

Disabilities was never a zone

Only brought us closer today

🔐🔎Riddle 10

I enjoy being calm

Emitting soothing sounds 

But I despise when I am filthy

For it reasons in your palm

Submit your answers for the riddles here 👇🏼


fitness & shape

(30 Points)

Make a video of workouts you can do to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

The video can highlight 2 or more of the following workout exercises:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Squats
  • Kneel push up 
  • Crunches
  • Plank 


  • The video duration: 30 sec – 1 min max 
  • At least one team member must be visible in the video
  • Key points will be given for creativity, presentation, novelty and content.
  • One submission per team
  • Use copyright free music if music is used
  • Videos should not exceed 1GB

The video created must be submitted to the below link: 👇🏼

💰The winner of the Master Challenge is decided based on the video with the most number of likes, shares and comments (collectively) by 11:59PM on the 27th of May, 2022.

💰The successfully submitted videos will be published on the Sportsletic Instagram at 9AM on the 27th of May, 2022.

Best of Luck!


(15 Points)

🔸Step 01:

Go to our Rotaract SLIIT YouTube channel. And subscribe.

🔸Step 02:

Invite 02 of your friends to subscribe to Rotaract SLIIT YouTube channel.

🔸Step 03:

Submit screenshots of yours and your friends subscribed


by PHlox

(5 Points for each member; Max 15 Points)

🔸Step 01: 

Head on to the Instagram page @phlox.lk

🔸Step 02:

To receive the complete points for this challenge, don’t forget to like their pages on:

🔸Step 03:

Choose your favorite post on their feed. Share it on your story and tag @phlox.lk and @rotaract_sliit 

🔸Step 04:

Upload the screenshot of your story to the form

Refer the blog on Jackpots to earn more points! Remember, highest points wins!

Once you are done with Level 2, await for Level 3! 🏴‍☠️

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