Tribute to the Board of Officials 2021-2022

Another wonderful year of memorable events, crazy and fun memories has been completed. Despite the current crisis faced by the country the Board of members of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT for the year 2021-2022 never failed to fulfil their duties. To cherish all those fun and nostalgic moments, the members of the board were assigned to write about another board member. All responses were kept anonymous to make this even more interesting and mysterious. Find all the descriptions on the Board members and the team leaders below. Have a fun read!

Rtr. PP Keheliya Rajaguru

Immediate Past President 2021-22

Our Rotaract club give me a good chance to work with the amazing fellas. Keheliya Aiya is one of them. I think he is the tallest one in our board. He is such an enthusiastic person. He always cheer up everyone around him. He is a good leader. Not only a leader he is a very good friend of mine and a big supporter of our team. An effective team member is not just one who contributes the work they have been asked to do but someone who can make the team better than the sum of its parts, either by contributing creatively having the interest and insight to assist other board members or just bringing a positive attitude. Other than that, I must say this, he is one of the generous and coolest person I’ve ever met. Since he is crazy about cars, I wish him to have all his desired car in the future.

Rtr. IPP Nimsara Fernando 

President 2021-22

Rtr.  IPP Nimsara Fernando is an exemplary leader who gave his best to the betterment of the club. Since the day he joined Rotaract, he has been an enormously active member, tirelessly committing his full potential to the club. He is an outgoing person who’s really friendly. You would’ve definitely been annoyed to death and witnessed his hysterical laugh if you were ever his friend. He is an outstanding cricketer who has an unbreakable bond with cricket. He is also committed to service and can pull up any project to its best level when he puts his heart and soul into it. He is a talented artist who paints magnificent portraits. He is a really good friend and is a true stan of the rap god. He is the definition of a dedicated Rotaractor.


The easiest way to befriend Nimsara is to start a conversation about cricket. It doesn’t even have to be with him, just start a random conversation about cricket and as long as Nimsara is within a one-mile radius of said conversation he’ll be drawn to it. It’s no exaggeration to say that cricket is even more important to Nimsara than his own reproductive needs(if you know what I mean 😉). As funny as all this mockery might be, Nimsara is a lot like his favorite sport in many ways: a nimiety of complexities nimbly daubed across a canvas of plain nimbus, resulting in something profoundly beautiful. Through and through a gentleman like Sanga, aggressively passionate like Kohli, a brilliant allrounder like Kallis, as tenacious as Anji and sometimes as dumb as Kusal Mendis (but equally talented🔥). It’s been nothing short of an honor to work with you man, and I hope you finally achieve your grand objective of finding a girl to play cricket with you when you grow old.

Rtr. Lathushanan Koneswara

Vice President 2021-22

WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN!! We have made so much memories throughout the years we’ve worked in Rotaract. I must admit you have always been a person I could count on and you’ve always been a best friend to me. Looking at how you have grown as a whole personality to a leader makes me feel so proud of you. Looking at the last year of Rotaract, you’ve been involved in so many projects managing and guiding the members who were working on them. That alone shows how dedicated you are towards bringing the club to great heights by helping the ones around you. This is why I see you got the well deserved opportunity of becoming the president for the years 2022-23. I know for a fact that you would only make the club better in your year, and I’d like to wish you all the very best!! Keep up your good work Lathu!! I know you got this. And you know I’ve got your back whenever you need me! 🙂

Rtr. Randima Fernando

Secretary 2021-22

Honoured to pen down a few words about the “Master of Report Writing”. Hello Randima ayya/Thesaurus/Randy/Nimsara ayya’s wifey🌚. I met Randima ayya back in 2020 but never talked with him. I was scared to talk because I thought he must be a strict person😅. Yeah, I was wrong. He’s such a nice, kind-hearted person. Randima ayya is a truly dedicated person to his work and the knowledge bank of the club. Can’t compare anyone with his vocabulary, even “puthano”. Imagine how rich his vocabulary is😱 His British accent made all of us listen carefully during board meetings. Also, he’s a good dancer. He showed his dancing skills on the board outing day🕺🏻. Last but not least, thank you ayya for the support you gave during the year and for being a good friend. You and your husband never questioned my work. All of us are really lucky to work with a highly experienced Rotaractor like you. Keep being that amazing, caring, humble person. I wish you all the very best. Hope you’ll be able to achieve everything you wished to cause you deserve all of them.

Rtr. Manisha Alwis

Assistant Secretary 2021-22

Where to start, where to end talking about this amazing individual! Rtr. Manisha Alwis AKA Mani AKA Money-shah, is a good leader, a multi-tasker who is coping with two degrees, and a very responsible and organized person who gets her job done no matter what she is assigned, she would manage everything perfectly, which impresses everyone around her. She is the boss lady of the club. “If the club wants Money go and meet Mani” it is simple as that. She is one of the most supportive, kindest, beautiful, and loveliest people I have met in my life. She is a good cook by herself. She makes the best Gulab jamuns. She is an amazing friend and the best partner in crime. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I am super proud to see what she has achieved in life. I wish her nothing but the best of everything.

Rtr. Ishini Weerasinghe

Treasurer 2021-22

Throughout her responsible time period, she has been managing everything perfectly, as well as she has handled all the difficult hurdles and situations perfectly. As the treasurer she was a role model to other members to learn time management, organizing work well and allocating tasks to everyone equally. I believe these qualities are one of the main reasons for her to be one of the board members. I personally have noticed, her punctuality and her proper management in work. These qualities of her, has been a major reason for the projects to succeed. In addition, she is very kind hearted person, who would help genuinely to anyone.

Rtr. Ibraheem Rifthie

Co-Editor 2021-22

Ibraheem aka Ibba is definitely someone you need in your life to constantly remind you that your life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. So knowing him would make your day either really fun or extremely dull. His sarcasm is unmatched but at the same time he admits defeat soon to ensure that the other person is not left hurt. In that sense he’s genuinely a nice individual.

Rtr. Imesh Akalanka

Co-Editor 2020-22

A very skilled and capable person in his place as the Co-Editor. He now continues in the EXCO as the Sergeant at Arms, a much deserved position. His skills in design allowed him to do wonders and create masterpieces, having played an important role in being a head in the success of the blog. The skills he put to use in creating the magazines are unmatched, he truly has been an asset not just for the Editorial but also for the club. We are grateful to have had his determination and dedication in guiding the Editorial towards a successful journey.

Rtr. Banusha Jananga

Sergeant at Arms 2021-22

Rtr. Banusha AKA Bamboo is one of the most senior members of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT who held the position of Sergeant at Arms for the year 21/22 which was his third tenure as the part of the board of directors. He is one of the most passionate volunteers who is driven by the desire to make a difference in society and also a brilliant strategist in terms of project execution. He is an individual with go mindset who breaks through all the barriers he come across to achieve the objectives and a family man who always support and care about the wellbeing of fellow teams members. However, a fun fact about him is he seems to be in serious mood all the time and those who have got lifts from him would agree that the ride was another episode of death race full of blood boiling moments.

Rtr. Mohamed Abraar

Rotary Family Coordination 2021-22

And I have to mention another one here, you all can easily identify him by the nick name of ‘Vaapa’ and he always dress joggers like Ranveer singh. He is also a car lover and have a craze about games. He is one of the charismatic board member. Apart from that, he always brings the teams spirits among our team members and always keep us so engaging by his expired jokes. He always has been and admirable person and having him in our board makes huge difference. In this day we’re all Thanking you for always speaking up in team meetings and providing a unique perspective. You mean a lot to our team Vaapa.

Rtr. Abirami Thanabalasundaram

Director Club Service

Abi was obsessed with taking credit for the hard work her co-director Sithum put in. Ngl, she totally had Sithum dancing to her beat. We had to reply to many text messages from guys asking who she was, every time we post something with her face in it and she weirdly loved it. She was bossy when doing projects and a total psychopath at others. She gets pissed if you leave without saying good bye and will spam your DMs to make you regret it and your life. The best thing about Abi was her massive crush on the community services director(can’t complain… that guy is awesome). Moving on to some good about her; she’s a very good singer, a good dancer, a proud & strong lady and a kind & relatable human being. Personal comment: she’s a pain who always gets my secrets out of me no matter how hard I try to hide them but still a great friend I can talk to about literally anything. The last year has been slightly (almost insignificantly) better thanks to Abi being introduced into our lives. We wish you the best of luck in achieving all your wildest dreams and living the happiest life.

Rtr. Sithum Gammanage

Director Club Service

Even though he’s one of the most annoying, he has also been the most supportive and encouraging board member. Its been great working with such a dedicated and hard working soul. Sithum Is not just Sithum but ‘Sithum Sithum Hotha Hai’ for us who hates and likes his co-director at the same time. Even though he’s annoying, he’s one of the best person to talk to when we have any problem going on in life. He comes up with these crazy project ideas and project names such as ‘Rotaverse’  which at the end of the day becomes a success. The new board will definitely miss him and I hope he attends some of the projects for this Rotaract year as well.

Rtr. Akash Fernando

Director Community Service

This hard working individual has been a great pillar of strength for our club. As one of the co-directors for the community service avenue he definitely did a great job in taking the club to greater heights. A very charming character, although the people who actually knows him would disagree and call him an “attention grabber” (mind that this is the PG-13 version of what he’s actually called). If Akash isn’t to be seen around, you could always try seeking for the new female members of our club and he’d be found right next to them. Apart from the community that needs him, his fellow directors have a habit of guessing who really owns him; the community? the girls? Or the mini families he has been forming secretively. Akash has been everyone’s beloved friend and someone you could count on for life. His effortless lame jokes could either light up the whole room or make everyone regret ever inviting him. Now that he feels perturbed after reading all of these roasts, I want to be nice and say that I hope he never stops being the kind and happy soul that he is. You will be missed and everyone else too ❤

Rtr. Samanthi De Silva

Director Community Service

I met Samanthi oh no, Sam, at the very beginning of the 2021 Rotaract year as my fellow board member. She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She is kind-hearted, generous and a friendly person to anyone. She knows how to make jokes and how to take jokes. The hit that comes with her laugh is her trademark.   “Kaduwela Sam” is her underworld name if she joins the underworld. (No one knows that she already is).   Jokes apart, when it comes to the responsibilities, she never fails to complete her part perfectly, even though she is a very busy person in her real life. Also, Sam likes to help others at any time. I hope that she will have a bright future ahead in her life and everything. 

Rtr. Arshad Ayyub

Director International Service

He’s the perfect partner in crime you’ll ever find. You name it, he’s ready for it. Though it’s difficult to find or contact this one, he’s a friendly soul who will always be there for you in good and bad times. Dear Ayyub, if you ever read this, thank you for all the support given throughout the year 💕💕

Rtr. Kanchana Kristhombu

Director International Service

Kanchiiiii.. that’s how we call her. The extra few ‘i’ s are mandatory so that we can fill the void which she usually uses to turn slowly towards us and respond to us. She is a happy-go-lucky person who really syncs, cooperates, helps, understands and open for an outing anytime any day and at the same time who’s stupidly stupid and unbelievably wise. Apart from club activities she is a real deal in her life goals as well, always concentrating and focusing on her dreams and eventually proved herself pressing the ignorant face in the mud. Other than being freakishly savage I’d say she s must-friend in everyone’s’ list.. trust me. Certain things happen in a certain way at a particular time and place for a specific reason. And sometimes, God brings certain people into our lives for a purpose, but whatever reasons He had in mind for making our path cross and bringing us together, I don’t care because I’m honoured and grateful that He did.

Rtr. Shashini Hewadewa

Director Professional Development

Shashini, or as some call, Sasini, has played an immense role as the Professional Development Director in proving her worth as a affable and determined character. Having known Shashini, she has been a person who would always have your back no matter what. Nevertheless, I must add that replying in under 24 hours would have been a miracle with her busy bee schedule. We can also collectively say that she compensated for her height with her extreme comebacks and wittiness. All in all it has been a pleasure to have worked with Sasini throughout the year.

Rtr. Senara Perera

Director Professional Development

The karate kid in the Board of Officials! Senara might be small in size, but she’s got the power to blast. One of the most organized persons who has everything in order. A generous girl willing to help at any time. If you ever get into a conversation with her, she would definitely use some of the Japanese words, so make sure you know Japanese when you speak with her. She is also a die-hard fan of anime and an individual who loves to explore.

Rtr. Sewvandi Wickramasinghe

Director Public Relation

Rtr. Sewvandi is someone with a strong time management game going. She juggled multiple positions in club and societies along with a job. Her hardworking attitude is admired by many of us. This just popped up on my mind, but I am sure a lot of us noticed how she is a very huge foodie 🤪.

Rtr. Eleesha Fernando

Director Public Relation

Always with a smile! 

This is the best way to describe her because she is always with a smile at any given moment. A kind-hearted, caring and loving individual but once you get to know her up close and personal she’s the most craziest person you could have ever met in your life. Mischievous at times and if you make her laugh, 100% guaranteed that she wouldn’t stop laughing any time soon. An expert with all the emojis and she’ll send you emojis you have no idea what it means. A sweet lover and she makes the best desserts in town. She’s one amazing person and a darling friend at all times.

Rtr. Johan Fernando

Director Information Technology

Yes, the caption says it all! He is the eldest, he is the biggest, he is the most (I’m)matured and above all he is the most caring person of all. He is none other our BIG DADDY JOE (aka Johan). Well, this guy offered the complete package for our club from a hardworking individual to a cheerful lad. Not only he always wore a smile, but also never forgot to bring a smile to others with his jokes. He was probably one of the most dedicated directors the club ever had. Even though, he was assigned duties as the Director of IT he supported each and every avenue to reach our club greater heights. As the Director of IT, he enhanced the service from the IT department which we are still benefiting at present. There are no enough words to appreciate and thank Jo for his amazing work throughout the last year. So machan, thank you for being a wonderful DIRECTOR, devoted FRIEND and most importantly a CARING BIG BROTHER! PS: His parents are seeking an educated, well mannered, pretty, kind hearted daughter/son, to take care their son who is 26 years, Josephian,6’2’’, handsome, with a caring personality and a loku bada gediya. He is currently employed as මොන ජොබ්ද අලේ මං තාම සූටී නේ. Please reply at your own risk!

Rtr. Kavindu Viraj

Director Information Technology

If commitment and dedication was a human example, look no further than Co-director for IT 21/22 Rtr. Kavindu Viraj. Being a fun and energetic person he is, Viraj’s dedication was great. He works as a Network Engineer while studying and also a hard working member in RACSLIIT. A incident that instantly come to my mind was the days when we prepared for the installation. So the team was working late nights together and Viraj couldn’t come sooner since he had work to work till late night. He came and helped even after working all day. And suddenly he gets an emergency call at 3AM calling for work. And he went to work again. This is one example of him expressing his love and commitment to Rotaract and also how well he manages his work, his studies and his Rotaract life. Such a fun person to be around, a funny guy and last but not least a role model.

Rtr. Anudi Wijerathne

Director Membership Development

Anudi is an extremely sweet person who could be the best friend any person could ask for. She has a habit of panicking if you type a OK…..and she’ll definitely think that you are mad at her. A caring, stylish, loving, reliable and sometimes annoying are the words to describe her. She’s loved by everyone even though she gets a bit trolled here and there, but she definitely knows how to keep everyone actively involved in all the WhatsApp groups. A warm personality with hehe in most of her text.

Rtr. Pasindu Wannisinghe

Director Sports

If you want talented allrounder in your team this is the ideal person for you to have in your team. He does two degrees. He is a vital player of our college’s badminton team. He is an active member in few student communities but most importantly he is a wonderful Rotaractor. Well his repertoire makes it difficult to assign him a role however the club decided him to take up the responsibility as the Director of sports and the rest is history. He not only delivered the best for our club but also been an important ambassador of RACSLIIT. He is our one and only director of Sports Pasindu(aka Pasiya Bsc. In relationships)

Pasiya with the help of his team widen the horizons of the sports avenue by bringing in various projects such Sportsletic, RivalShield, etc. As a club we are very thankful for his wonderful efforts and amazing work which helped our club to achieve memorable milestones in the last year.

Rtr. Sriram Rajeshwaran 

Director Media

Sriram is one of the club’s most senior Rotaractors. A very creative and competent award-winning photographer who has been recording all of the moments that the Rotaractors of the SLIIT Rotaract Club have been creating over the previous three years. His passion to the club has been incredible; one day you phone and ask if he can make it to a project tomorrow, and he will travel 400 kilometres despite the circumstances. Aside from his work, he is a kind and supportive friend. A friendship that I will treasure forever of my life. If you are reading this, Ramji, I hope you continue to remain the same and treasure all of your and others’ moments.

Rtr. Onelie Wijerupa

Team Leader 21-22

Onelie was an active Team Leader in IT Avenue. She was one of the punster we had in our club. She used to crack balmy jokes. Of course, she’s a friend who was always indeed. She got our backs when we falling apart. Moreover she had her own vision and enthusiasm to work towards the club with no hesitation. And I’m so glad that she made it to the board of officials. I’m super proud of what she’s now. Wishing her the very best for the upcoming Rotaract Year

Rtr. Supuni Vidanagama

Team Leader 21-22

“Like attracts like”, it means we are more likely to be drawn to people who are like-minded. Occasionally, we come across such people whom we click instantly even if we have just met. Supuni is someone who will leave a lasting impression on anyone even after meeting her just once. She owns the capacity to make people comfortable with her. She is very intelligent and multi-talented, capable of handling two degrees while I struggle to manage just one 😂 Dear Supuni, keep on being the wonderful person you are. I wish you all the best along each step of your journey. Go after your dreams ✨

Rtr. Anuji Karunaratne

Team Leader 21-22

If someone asks who’s the loudest person in the board we all know who that is. When Anuji enters the university the entire university knows that Anuji entered the university xD. I got to know Anuji first in my first project of Rotaract and it was her first project that she chaired. That was the only project I saw her as a calm and innocent gal. Apart from jokes Anuji is one of the kind hearted, very caring, sensitive people on our board who always supported us through thick and thin. Also, I need to highlight that she is a very energetic person that handles Rotaract and the workload of 2 degrees. Nevertheless, she is a very nice person inside and out and I’m grateful to  work with her even though she has the most !(melodic voice) among us. Anujiii I wish you every success in your future endeavors.

Rtr. Ishma Senaweera

Team Leader 21-22

Ishma is that introvert friend who is shy at first but will be comfortable with you once you get to know her. She is a passionate individual who can handle her responsibilities well. Also a soft spoken kdrama fan with a beautiful smile😇 I’m really glad that I got to find such a caring friend through Rotaract. I hope she ace her academics since she got bunch of advice from Kanchi on our installation day😛. And hope you and me both get silky smooth hair like Lathu in our next lives (If we have one). I hope you have an amazing life ahead and hope may there always be someone to go with you in elevators (IYKYK).  Saranghae❤️

Rtr. Mayumi Hasunika

Team Leader 21-22

Talking about Mayumi aka “Magi” is a silent girl yet hardworking and an entertaining person. I wish that I could buy her Apaton Weight Gain but the thing is with the current situation I cannot afford to buy. So if you are with magi in any of the place around the uni (no matter its anohana, basement, juice bar or even it doesn’t matter it is the ground or the roads in uni) you can meet and say “Hi!!!” to at least 100 people. So jokes aside. Even though Mayumi is a silent and a dedicated girl, she does not forget to look after other people. Time to time she checks up on people and see how they were doing and if a person is going through a hard time no matter what she will stop what she is doing and have a chat with that person and try to make that person feels easy. It is really nice to have a friend like her to begin with and I’m glad that could met from the beginning of my uni journey. . Mayumi is a friend that anyone could wish for. Good luck with your your studies.

Rtr. Akhila Rathgama

Team Leader 21-22

With great pleasure I would like to highlight a few words about our fellow mate Akila. It has been about 1 year since I started knowing and working with him. Basically, he is a friendly and a very active person. He is more famous for sports and is a very talented sports man. The enthusiasm in Akila aiiya for sports is vast and immeasurable. As much as to the Rotaract club he plays, Akila did a huge service to the university sports wing as well. It has been a pleasure to get to know put fellow mate and work along side of him. I wish him the best of luck for his academics as well as for his sport life as well.

Rtr. Kavindu Githmin

Team Leader 21-22

From “Kavindu SA PD” to “Lilly SA PD”. From starting Rotaract as strangers to going along and bugging each other to the very best. The imposter in IT who was actually the Team Leader for PD. Kavindu is one of the most hard working people I’ve ever met. And he will go up-to even getting mini panic attacks to get the job done perfectly. He does exactly what he is assigned to do, sometimes even more. Nevertheless, Lilly you are an amazing soul and I can’t thank you enough for tolerating me. I’ll forever be annoying you “Lilly Malleh”

Rtr. Mohamed Mushkeer

Team Leader 21-22

Mohamed Mushkeer is a talented individual who is always ready to lend a helping hand to his team members. He is a very humble and a responsible person. He is also very easy to work with. Mushkeer is a dedicated teacher, who really commits towards his students to offer them the best. He is loved and admired by little ones because of his patience and adaptability. You have been a great team player within the club. Congratulations on your future.

Rtr. Ajesh Krish

Team Leader 21-22

With profound character, calm and ease, Ajesh has brought jubilation to the club with his great sense of humour. His dedication and creativity continue to inspire many.

Rtr. Dinal Thewmin

Team Leader 21-22

Dinal is a very hardworking member of the club who has shown great skills and leadership qualities in his first year itself. Being the team leader, he supported tremendously for the club service avenue and other projects as well by attending to most of the projects of the club. Working with him has been really fun where we also get to learn something from him. He is also a great friend for everyone and I wish he all the very best for his new position for the year 2022-2023.

Board of Officials 2021-22

Ending on a great note we dedicate this to all board members and the team leaders of the year 2021-2022 as a tribute to their heartful service, hard work and their contribution to the club and the community. We would like to thank all members of the club who put their heart to work on the club projects. The Club also congratulates them for completing a successful year and we wish all the board members and team leaders the very best for a bright future. 

Penned By: Rtr. Abirami Thanabalasundaram (Co-Editor 2022-23)

Edited and published by: RACSLIIT Editorial Team 2022-23

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