Disobedient Heart


Disobedient heart!

You used your new wings to part?

You left my core,

to tap at someone else’s door?

Left my whole being?

Made me fall on my knees?

What if no one hears your plea?

Where would you rather be?

Should I never have set you free!

Shameless heart!

I should have tamed you from the start!

Return not after being shattered to shards!

Someone might yank your soft strings hard!

Set your flutter on fire,

Burn you with desire,

Throw you into incessant pain,

And never leave you any gain!

And now upon my command,

I want you to fly back to my arms,

Find peace in my palms,

And pay no heed to foolish charms.

Nestle back to my hollow,

And bliss shall follow.

For the world is too shallow,

For you to find anything mellow.


Penned By: Rtr. Rishini Bandaranayake (Assistant secretary 2022-23)

Edited and published by: RACSLIIT Editorial Team 2022-23

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