Introducing the Board of Officials for the RI year 2022-23

“True leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders.”

The 10th year of  Rotaract Club of SLIIT started with an amazing Board of Officials for the RI year 2022-23. Here we present to you the Board of Officials for the RI year 2022-23 with the slogan “Strive to Empower Life”.

Rtr. Lathushanan Koneswara – President 2022-23

Rtr. Lathushananananan, apologies Lathushanan Koneswara, who is also Lathu in short as everyone calls him is undoubtedly the most patient character in the club. Lathu, a proud product of Royal College is truly a hardworking individual who has the potential to take the club to greater heights. He is possibly one of the best Presidents a club could ever ask for, especially with his amazing dancing skills. Another interesting fact about him is that he’s the youngest president RACSLIIT has ever had. For a fact, the undying love of Lathu for Chai and TikToks have greatly influenced the Board members.

Lathu always makes sure to cheer up everyone around him with his cute smile. He is so far one of the most committed and dedicated individuals we’ve ever seen, since he makes sure to stay up and check up on his two IT directors even late at night. He’s also one of the most generous and the coolest members of the BOD. Oh right, his daily fights with his darling secretary keeps everyone entertained. We sincerely wish nothing but the very best to this amazing individual, as the president of the club for the year ahead.

Rtr. IPP Nimsara Fernando – Immediate Past President 2022-23

Rtr. Nimsara Fernando (Nims) aka AAL is a very talented individual who is committed to serving the community. Yes, that’s right. You might be wondering why he’s named AAL, he has this habit of giving weirdly unique nicknames to everyone. Talking about our IPP, he is an exemplary leader who puts his heart and soul to everything he does and thus is able to pull up anything and everything in the most successful manner. His care and love for his Rotaract family goes beyond oceans and we can say that he is one of the friendliest people you’d ever meet in your Rotaract journey. If you  meet someone who has a really bright smile on his face, that’s him. Being a proud product of St. Joseph’s College he is a mastermind when it comes to project planning and execution. His years of experience will surely guide our club to a better place this year as our Immediate Past President.

Rtr. Banusha KanaheraArachchi – Vice President (Operations) 2022-23

Rtr. Banusha Jananga, our very own ex-Sergeant at Arms also known as Babu is an Anandian who’s really dedicated when it comes to work. He’s very famous for driving like there’s no tomorrow but he does an amazing transportation service to the club. With all the experience he has, he will do an amazing job as our Vice President for this year.

Rtr. Pasindu Wannisingha – Vice President (Avenues) 2022-23

Rtr. Pasindu Wannisinghe, is a very well organised individual when it comes to Rotaract work. He’s known as “Wanni”, everyone’s favourite and an outgoing person. He’s really smart when taking decisions and he is the role model of a lot of members. He’s an old Thomian and we wish him the very best of luck as the Vice President for the year ahead.

Rtr. Manisha Alwis – Secretary 2022-23

Rtr. Manisha Alwis, commonly addressed as “Money” by everyone and mommy by her Assistant Secretaries is undoubtedly the most responsible person in the club. Being the boss lady of the club, she does everything perfectly(especially reporting, as her president proudly testifies) She is vigilant enough to keep track of all the macro and micro proceedings of the club 24×7. Absolutely no one escapes her supervision. She asserts her control by saying, “I have my ways of getting things done” and everything and everyone is already on the right track in a wink away. She is also the wonder woman whom the PR girls run to every day with a lot of confirmations to be done. Her bright smile makes everyone’s day and assures a secure future for our club.

Rtr. Nivasheni Balenthiran – Assistant Secretary 2022-23

Rtr. Nivasheni, one of our very own Assistant secretaries, is very famous for being the female Eminem of speaking. She’s very hardworking and full of energy when it comes to work and she’s really good at giving advice. She’s an old girl of Colombo Methodist College and we sincerely wish this amazing individual in her position for this year ahead.

Rtr. Rishini Bandaranayake – Assistant Secretary 2022-23

Rtr. Rishini is a proud product of Royal Int. Kurunegala and she’s very famous for

being cheerful and bubbly. She’s studying to become an English teacher so the board members should make sure to not to make a single mistake while submitting project reports. She’s very thoughtful and caring about her fellow members and is really dedicated toward Rotaract. As one of the Assistant Secretaries she’ll do a great service to the club.

Rtr. Ibraheem Rifthie – Treasurer 2022-23

Rtr. Ibraheem, who’s known as “Ibba” rather than his own name, can be introduced as the meme of the club. The amount of funny videos we have of him is indescribable.  On a serious note, he’s very responsible and truly committed while working. This humble individual is a proud product of Lyceum International School and we are eagerly waiting to see his amazing skills as the Treasurer of the club for the year ahead.

Rtr. Dinal Siriwardhana – Assistant Treasurer 2022-23

Rtr. Dinal, who’s a very hardworking and a talented individual, is a bright old boy of D.S.Senanayake College, Colombo. Rtr. Dinal is very famous for his ability to play the guitar very well. He is truly dedicated when it comes to work related to the club and is one of the smartest members of the club. He’s an ideal choice for the role of Assistant Treasurer and we cannot wait to see his contribution to our journey. 

Rtr. Kavindu Githmin- Co-Editor 2022-23

Rtr. Kavindu, who’s a proud Royalist, is one of the most hardworking members of the club. He’s famous for getting mini panic-attacks to get the job done perfectly. He’s very sincere when he’s given a task and makes sure he puts his maximum potential. Kavindu is a very talented individual and his effortless lame jokes do lighten up the mood in the room. We wish him the best of luck as the Co-Editor for the upcoming year ahead.

Rtr. Abirami Thanabalasundaram – Co-Editor 2022-23

Rtr. Abirami Thanabalasundaram, affectionately called ‘Abi’ is our Co-Editor for this year and a proud past student of Lyceum International School, Nugegoda. She is also a talented dancer and singer. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Rtr. Abiirami also survives on coffee as to how oxygen is to us and is skilled at staying awake for over two days straight. She was the Co-Director for the Club Service avenue for the past year and assisted in organizing many projects. We wish her the very best for the upcoming Rotaract year.

Rtr. Anuji Karunaratne – Co-Editor 2022-23

Rtr. Anuji, who’s known as the “Loud Speaker” of the club, a proud product of Musaeus College, is the Co-Editor for this year. She’s very well known for pranking the board members along with her friends yet, she’s truly committed to any task she’s assigned with. She’s an ideal choice for the role of Co-Editor and we cannot wait to see how she will contribute to our journey with her skills.

Rtr. Imesh Jayathilake – Sergeant at Arms 2022-23

Rtr. Imesh, our very own Sergeant at Arms, is a proud product of St.Joseph’s College. He’s very determined and dedicated when it comes to work and is also a very responsible individual. His contribution did wonders to the club for the past Rotaract year (2021-22) as the Co-Editor and thereby we wish the very best to this amazing individual for this year ahead.

Rtr. Kavindu Viraj – Rotary Family Coordinator 2022-23

Rtr. Kavindu Viraj, our very own Rotary Family Coordinator, is a proud old student of Ananda College, Colombo. Being a fun and energetic person he is, Viraj is very dedicated towards Rotaract. He is a hard working member of RACSLIIT who currently works as a Network Engineer while studying. Apart from his work and academics, he is a kind and supportive friend. We are excited to see how his personality will add colour to the club’s journey.

Rtr. Pasindu Serasingha – Director – Community Services  2022-23

Rtr. Pasindu, who’s also known as “Sera” is a complete package for our club from a hardworking individual to a cheerful lad. He’s not only the ‘cute guy’ but also one of the most dedicated directors of the club. As the Co-Director for the Community Service avenue, he has some amazing master plans for the entire year ahead to do successful projects for the club. He is a proud product of St. Peter’s College and we wish him the best of luck for the upcoming year.

Rtr. Madumini Guneratne – Directress – Community Services  2022-23

Rtr. Madhumini, our very own Co-Director for the Community Service avenue is a proud old girl of Girls High school, Kandy. Throughout her responsible time period, she’s really good at managing everything perfectly. She has great organising skills at work and knows how to allocate tasks to everyone equally. She is a kind-hearted, generous and a friendly individual to everyone and we cannot wait to see her performance in our journey.

Rtr. Vishen Atapattu – Director – Club Services  2022-23

Rtr. Vishen Atapattu, our Co-Director for Club Service, is a proud past student of St. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. He is a good singer, guitarist and an athlete. Vishen was a very active member in the past year and contributed to some of the signature projects. He is always very lively, cheerful and sincere in Rotaract work. Thus, we are eagerly waiting for the wonders Rtr. Vishen would display his performance this year ahead.

Rtr. Dewmi Siriwardhane – Directress – Club Services  2022-23

Rtr. Dewmi, a kind-hearted, caring and loving individual but once you get to know her up close and personal she’s the craziest person you could have ever met in your life. Make sure you don’t mess with her because she’s a Karate black belt owner. She’s the influencer of the club and her hardworking attitude is admired by everyone. She’s a proud old girl of Visakha Vidyalaya and we wish her the very best for the upcoming Rotaract year.

Rtr. Enuka Thathsarana – Director – Professional Development  2022-23

Rtr. Enuka Thathsarana, also known as Mr.Crypto or Athula is an Anandian who is a competent individual in the corporate sector. He is a truly committed and reliable person who was an active member in the past Rotaract year. We are excited to witness his contribution for the year ahead. 

Rtr. Chathushi Janusha – Directress – Professional Development  2022-23

Rtr. Chathushi Janusha is a hardworking girl with a big heart who’s immensely committed to her work. She is a proud product of Musaeus College who prefers being called “Cha” instead of mispronouncing her name. Her dedication to the club was shown through her effort given to the Professional Development avenue in the past year as a committee member and we wish her all the very best for the upcoming Rotaract year.

Rtr. Haily Diaz – Directress – International Services  2022-23

Rtr. Haily Diaz is a third year psychology undergraduate who wishes to become a Child psychologist. She is a very outgoing person who easily makes friends with her smart mouth. This petite individual is from St. Lawrence Convent and her commitment to work will surely add colour to the Club in the upcoming year.

Rtr. Lakshani Perera – Directress – International Services  2022-23

Rtr. Lakshani Perera is a proud product of Holy Cross College. She is a very talented moderator and also a good leader. Lakshani is also a great friend who has an exquisite skill in making Mojitos. Her commitment to the Club Services avenue and the Maglan Unit in the past year was outstanding. This year, she will serve in her position as the club’s link to the rest of the world.

Rtr. Anupa Somasundara – Director – Sports  2022-23

Rtr Anupa Somasundara, the patient listener, unofficial lawyer and the bully is a proud Nalandian. He is a very silent yet skilled and talented individual in diverse areas. Not to forget, he is an amazing singer. Anupa was a very active committee member in Sports avenue in the previous year. Our sincere wishes go to him as the Sports Director for this Rotaract year.

Rtr. Adeesha Ovitgala – Director – IT  2022-23

Rtr. Adeesha Ovitigala AKA ‘Chamika lite’ is the mastermind behind all the posters you have come across this year. He is a proud product of Bandaranayake College, Gampaha. Rtr. Adeesha is also famous for his car rides among the club members along with being a very humble and a carefree individual. His exceptional talents in designing is definitely going to be a huge pillar of support to this year’s Club’s PR.

Rtr. Vihanga Koojana – Director – IT  2022-23

Rtr. Vihanga Koojana is a past student of Sri Chandananda Buddhist College, Kandy. He was a very active member in the IT avenue and his designing talent has brought all of us a much needed relief during the past Rotaract year. He is really passionate about teaching Photoshop to the newbies and has an unbreakable relationship with video games. We are certain that Rtr. Vihanga will be able to elevate the club’s status considerably this year.

Rtr. Mohamed Rikas – Director – Digital Communications  2022-23

Rtr. M. Rikas is a proud product of Zahira College. He is an exemplary leader who had been a good athlete, the head prefect at school and also been in SLIIT’s chess team.  He is a skilled web designer as well as a Ui/Ux and graphic designer which can conclude that his creativity level is at its peak. We’re certain that he’s the ideal person to handle the Digital Communications of the club for this year.

Rtr. Ginuri Gathara – Directress – Public Relations  2022-23

Rtr. Ginuri, the lovely Co-Director for Public Relations avenue this year, is a friend to everyone and is always there for us. She’s 5 feet tall but she keeps thinking it’s 6. She’s truly dedicated to work and she owns the ability to make people feel comfortable with her. Ginuri is also a very intelligent and multi-talented individual, who is capable of handling two degrees while being a hard working director of the club. She’s an amazing old student of Devi Balika Vidyalaya and we wish her all the best on every step she takes for this year ahead.

Rtr. Isiri Rahubadda – Directress – Public Relations  2022-23

Rtr. Isiri Pamoda is a proud product of Devi Balika Vidyala. She has an angelic voice and  has a very good eye for creativity. She is always passionate about the work assigned to her. Isiri is a good dancer who also takes up responsibilities. Isiri is definitely the tallest and very soft spoken so make sure to not get on her nerves. We wish her the very best of luck for an amazing year ahead.

Rtr. Sriram Rajeswaran – Director – Media  2022-23

Rtr. Sriram, also known as”Raam” or ‘Ramji’ is a cheerful individual who captures amazing shots of the members and of any project the club conducts. He is a very talented individual who is passionate in wildlife photography. Ram can never be seen without a smile on his face and never misses out to cover a Rotaract event. He is a proud past pupil of Jaffna Hindu College and is loved by everyone in the club. With his extraordinary photography skills, he believes that he will do a marvellous  job as our Co-Media director for this year.

Rtr. Chathum Dulara – Director – Media  2022-23

Rtr.Chathum Dulara, a very talented artist who has released a few of his original songs and some fascinating covers, is a very humble individual. He captures beautiful shots and possesses a huge amount of patience. He is a proud product of Royal College and with his knowledge in the media industry, he will contribute a lot to the club this year.

Rtr. Onelie Wijerupa – Directress – Corporate Partnerships 2022-23

Rtr. Onelie Wijerupa, is a proud product of Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya. She has an unbreakable relationship with Milo, iced coffee and donuts who is also a pro Pubg player. Rtr. Onelie has a firm determination to be the president of RACSLIIT one day and is really good at making pacts. She puts her heart and soul into all what she does so we are certain that she’d make good partnerships with the corporate sector in favour of our club.

Rtr. Ishma Senaweera – Directress – Membership Development  2022-23

Rtr.Ishma Senaweera is another proud product of Musaeus College who has been the team leader for the Membership Development avenue and has rendered a huge service to the club for the past Rotaract year. With her years of experience in Rotaract we hope to see our club growing in numbers in the upcoming year with new competent members.

Rtr. Samadhi Wathsala – Coordinator – Editorial  2022-23

Rtr. Samadhi is a proud old girl of Holy Family Balika Wennappuwa. She is one of the best examples of hardwork and dedication. She has shown her abilities through her writing and translating skills by being an active member in the Editorial team. With her talents and experience, we believe she will do a great service to the club this year.

Rtr. Senara Jayawardhana – Coordinator – Community Services  2022-23

Rtr. Senara Jayawardena is a proud Museauite who is pursuing a degree in Biotechnology at SLIIT. She had been a good science teacher to the kids who were taught under the project ‘Lightup their World’. Her passion to help others will surely serve the community this year and we are happy to have her as our coordinator for the Community Service avenue this year.

Rtr. Madara Perera – Coordinator – Professional Development  2022-23

Rtr. Madara Perera, a proud old girl from Ave Maria Convent is a contestant of the Voice Sri Lanka. Rtr. Madara is a sweet girl who always has a smile on her face. Being a school prefect and a multi talented individual who’s skilled in drawing, singing and acting since her school days, she will add colour to our club as the Coordinator for the Professional Development Avenue.

Rtr. Akhila Rathgama – Coordinator – Sports  2022-23

Rtr. Akhila Rathgama, a sprinter and a good athlete is the ideal coordinator for Sports Avenue this year. Rtr. Akhila being a past student of the Presidents College, Colombo, is very passionate about traveling. His tremendous experiences in Rotaract of which he has served under various avenues, and his leadership skills and knowledge in Sports will definitely render a great service to the avenue.

Team Leaders for the RI Year 2022-23

Edited, translated and published by: RACSLIIT Editorial Team 2022-23

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