Lucky Unlucky

In the trenches of fear we move

Like the rats in tunnels with disapprove

A man of young, head peeked over to see

A fiery sound gushed the wind, it broke

Shattered the head of an idiot bloke

At once he fell like a drunken flea

A headless neck fell on to the bloody muddy

Shattered pieces of meat covered my body

My face covered with red soaked water

Nothing to clear it, other than my saliva water

Upon a Silo, a hawk with “Mauser” monitors us 

Fear in our breasts beat longer with fuss

“One Shot One Kill” is the motto

Ten of us will go down, like a click of a photo

Hawk’s patience is legendary

The behavior of such, is mandatory

We were pinned on the trench eternally

Like the “Commissar” punishes us sarcastically

Many hours went by, and we would lie

Yet its gaze would not die

A seismic rhythm went by

Our movements were auto and shaking

Thunderous engines of “SU-ONE-FIVE-TWO” rolled by

Its shape was humongous yet breathtaking

Finally, a thundering rocketing sound

Hit the Silo on top, where the hawk was bound

A Silo was there, now no “Fascist” to be seen

With might of our tanks our lives were green 

Edited and published by: RACSLIIT Editorial Team 2022-23

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