Episode 1 – The Recon mission

To whoever is reading this, my name is Ram, and this story is about my happiest 2-month  stint. This bizarre series of events started 3 days after I got boarded for my convenience,  allowing me to attend lectures “easily”. To be honest I was too lazy to get the bus back  home which took about 2 hours. Rather start it off disregarding the formalities and wasting  your precious time. 

This story takes place when I was in my second year second semester of the Engineering  degree specialising in Mechatronics. So, basically my friend group consists of English speaking dudes from the ‘Mech’ Batch, no racism intended but except my mother tongue  and English, I can’t speak the other language well. One day as we were just walking around  campus, we decided to grab a cup of coffee from the nearest canteen and that my dear  reader was when I found the purpose of my life. As it was my turn to order, I saw to my right  about 2m away, sitting behind a laptop, was a woman of ethereal beauty. She was wearing  a pair of specs which gracefully befit her face, her mid-length jet black hair let loose, laser  focused on whatever was on her screen. In that moment I thought how I could seriously just  stand there and admire her the whole day and not waver once.  

I snapped back to reality when the vendor asked for my order; grabbed my cup of coffee  and left the place hoping it was just a one-time thing.  

As the day went by, I grabbed dinner from a nearby shop and was on my way to my  boarding. As I was walking, I recognised one of my friends from football, he was  undoubtedly a friend of hers, but I approached him because I genuinely wanted to talk to  him, we talked a little and then took a stroll through campus. During this time, we also took  some pictures together (This part is crucial for what happens next). The dude would also  become a major side character, he would bear the mighty name of Ameer. He was a 3rd year  Quantity surveying student, an Indian as well. 

After we returned, the talk about girls (as always) originated and I popped the question about her, and to no one’s surprise she was dating. I didn’t want to dig much deeper. I got  to know her name though, Aishwarya, a name befitting a woman of her standards. 

Edited and published by: RACSLIIT Editorial Team 2022-23

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