How to Avoid Sleepiness while Studying

It has always been a common thing for almost all the students, all over the world to feel sleepy whenever they take a book to their hand. Surprisingly, this is only when you start studying, but not when watching a movie or reading a novel. It is easy to fall asleep, but staying awake is the hardest. This is more likely to happen, when our exams are close by and we try to study 24*7. You are sure to feel dormant when you are studying late night.

What causes sleepiness

When you are deprived of rest, and hasn’t got any for a while, this may happen. Also, there are some illnesses and medications as well as usage of alcohol which are responsible for making you fall asleep. Every day, has a cycle, or a time restriction where one’s body has a tendency in sleeping unintentionally, which mostly happens due to lack of rest. These times are from midnight to 7 in the morning and from 1pm to 4pm.

Each and every student has fought between staying awake and sleeping, as it is vital to sacrifice one’s sleep to have good grades. Whether you are in school or college, these tips will help you with your battle.

1. Study in bright light


Just the table lamp won’t work at all because it only makes a cozy ambiance. It is necessary to keep the room lights switched on at night while you are studying to avoid from falling asleep. It is a lot charming to have a bed in the room with no lights. The best light is the natural light coming from the sun, and nothing can replace that. But as an alternative, as we all have time to study mostly at night, it’s better to have as much light as possible to trick your body into thinking that its’ not bed time yet.

2. Avoid using a table fan


Most of us tend to use a fan blowing manic wind in our face which makes us want to rest. The blow of wind from a table fan, right in to your face is like an exotic face rub making you feel languid. Table fans have always known to induce sleep. If there’s no roof fan in the room that you study, make sure that you keep the table fan as far as possible away from blowing wind directly in your face.

3. Drink a lot of water

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To avoid getting tired, it is extremely important to drink water as much as possible where dehydration can make us feel sleepy, if we don’t drink the necessary amount of water. It is indeed good for our brain and has similar effects as coffee but it is less damaging to our body. This is the method, most students use before exams regardless the fact that you might need to use the washroom.

4. Walk around the room


If you have been studying for a while and if you are starting to feel sleepy, you should stand up and walk around the room for a couple of minutes or study while walking if possible. Sitting in the same position is what makes you feel asleep and walking is good for your blood flaw as well. But as an inside tip, don’t study continuously. Have some breaks in between unless otherwise it’s much more needed to keep it going non-stop.

5. Drink coffee


This is the most common used and the well known one. Almost all of us know that drinking coffee keeps us more focused and concentrated on what we are studying but, too much coffee is not good at all. It is preferable to have only two cups of coffee per day and not more than that and also, half and hour before you start studying. That way, the brain will have time to process and helps to stay awake.

6. Have light meals


Before starting to study, don’t take large meals. If the meal you take is fulfilling for yourself, our body tends to sleep than study. It is adapted so as to have a rest after a huge meal to consume and process all its nutrients. Having a healthy diet plan is as good as having light meals, which will increase your mental concentration. Avoid having rice before studying as it will make you doze.

7. Study using a table/in front of a table


If you are lying down or sitting in a place which is more comfortable, you are more likely to fall asleep than study. If you are at a table sitting in front, the contents and books are at your level and it’s much easier to concentrate on what you are studying and that is the most suitable position to stay for a longer period of time as it won’t harm your neck or the spine as you have to stay for long when studying.

Studying is not something that we can quit. Neither sleeping. But we need to give priority to studying than sleeping. So, in the battle between studying and sleeping, don’t let the sleepiness win. Your sacrifices will be paid off in the years to come!

Written by –

Rtr. Lihini Rajapaksha

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