Pour-Rub-Pour 🏁🚘🧽

How much do you love your soulmate? Oh I’m sorry I mean your vehicle (πŸ™ˆ) . How frequent do you give her a bath? How frequent do you take her to her kind of beauty saloon (I mean the service station) Do you really care for her?
Since we knew your answers were some what negative or closely related to no only we brought you the perfect quickie for her (I mean the CAR WASH ’19!!)(πŸ˜‰)

IMG-20191226-WA0002               IMG-20191202-WA0005
Rotaract Club of SLIIT organized and held the Car Wash ’19 as a fund raiser for the award winning project “Light up their world 2.0” on the 7th December 2019 near the BRC ground from 9.00am to 5.00pm with the participation of more than 60 SLIIT Rotaractors. This was a win-win opportunity as we guaranteed a sparkling deal for your vehicle and in return you aid us to light up the world of a bunch of kids.
Here on, let me walk down the memory lane. Rtr. Praveena, Rtr. Nishali and Rtr. Nisal were the project chair persons or in other words the pillars of this project together with the frequent guidance and support of our Mommy Bear (Rtr. Duleesha) and her bunch of 32 “board” babies (yes, including myself). Starting off from getting permission from the Colombo Municipal Council to preparing the project proposal to finding sponsorship to selling tickets to washing cars to cleaning the premises, everyone worked so hard but never forgot to have fun!

Well, once permission was received and the date was reserved, started the next battle of selling tickets. All of us appeared in the combat zone and managed to sell a considerable number of tickets the first day itself. Throughout the project, the WhatsApp group was super active as the members were super excited to wash cars(πŸ˜‰).
Then came the actual day of the Car Wash ’19, all of us rushed to the venue, in front of the BRC Ground early in the morning, then unloaded the tents, washing equipment, washing liquid, water tanks and every pin and buckle needed. Also never would I ever forget Senuri’s Ice Coffee which we initially planned to sell at the premises however ended up having one sip to two and then finishing the entire bottles. All set, every banner was hung, tents were set up and then commenced the Car Wash ’19!


A team went down the road with banners to let people know there is a good car wash on their way, another team was on a mission to get stopped the vehicles at our car wash (Oh Man! The motorsports flag πŸ) The girls were in hurry to stop those “hot vehicles with hot aiyas” and the boys were in a hurry to stop the “hot vehicles with the hot akkis”. One by one the vehicles came and they were happy about the service we provided. Until the fifth or sixth vehicle, everything went smooth and Oh dear! It began to rain. All of us rushed into the tents to get protected from the dizzle which then became a cloudburst. Then began the drama, (Apparently these werewolves transform at the hit of rain drops not the transformation of the full moon it seemed). Started by the Mommy Bear, everyone enjoyed by playing in the rain and dancing in the rain too (follow your boss).


Our “professional marketing team” then advertised we will not wash but wipe off the wet vehicles (πŸ˜‚). Meantime the rotaractors were sent to have lunch.
Then stopped the rain – began the car wash again! The drama continued, joined more rotaractors and we washed a lot of cars! Our sergeant at arms, Rtr. Dhakshan had only one job, to wash the cars however end of the day, the girls were the aims of the pressure guns. Also teams were sent to sell more tickets around the BRC area and attract more vehicles.

People including locals and foreigners were enthused to witness the event and Oh My God! the amount of dust and dirt we cleaned. Continued so on, and the Car Wash ’19 was concluded at the allude of the tiresome but happy faces with lots of memories!
Ultimately all goals were achieved – collected the monetary requirement as well as brought down a perfect worth-the-money car wash for the folks.



Written by –

Rtr. Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20

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