Hotdog Stall 🌭ft. Yummy Cookies 🍪

Who don’t like to taste hot hot hotdogs and yummy yummy cookies? Everyone likes to eat hot hot dogs and cooky cookies (So am I😋). So, on 17th December 2019, RACSLIIT brought down a hot and a yummy deal to everyone who paid visit to Winter Wingding ’19, the annual Christmas Carols day of SLIIT. The main auditorium area of SLIIT was brimmed with dazzling decorations  and we were able to enhance the elegance with mouth watering hot-dog and cookie bites. The stall was arranged in the lobby area. Our Genie (No, he did not come from the lamp), Rtr. Nimsara and other rotaractors made the stall elegant with cuteness wrapped in it.

White & Black Modern Coffee Quote Photo Collage (2)

The yummylicious cookies (🍪) made from a secret recipe of M’s Cake Factory were brought down and I am sure that the heavenly taste was because Malsha akki who is passionate about serving the community added her love and kindness in making those.

White & Black Modern Coffee Quote Photo Collage (1)

Hot dogs came with a surprise! Crunchy French fries which we fried at there itself became a free add-on along with Tomato sauce and Mayonnaise (Mouth watering, isn’t it? Be sorry if you missed it). The cookies got sold in no time and we were sorry to disappoint the people who came afterwards. The attractive deal of Hot dogs and french fries created a queue in the lobby area.Our team actively participated in making the carol stall a success. Since we received huge appreciation for the heavenly cookies we hope to bring down another yummylicious cookie deal again!😉

Written by –

Rtr. Oshadi Ranathunge

Team Leader – PD 2019/20


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