Christmas for Everyone 🎅 🎁

Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness for everyone despite their religions, races and geographical boundaries. It is the season to spread love and kindness among everyone. So just like the last Christmas, this time too the Rotaract Club of SLIIT made a great effort to bring smiles to the less fortunate kids around Colombo area.

This year, with the great intention of widening the joy shared,  we thought of joining Rotaract Club of Colombo East with Christmas for Everyone” which is a project carried out to serve the waifs around Colombo area. The project was held on 24th of December from 01:00 pm to 06:00 pm with the participation of around 15 Rotaractors.

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Rtr.Deepika, Rtr.Oshadi (from RACSLIIT), Rtr.Ali and Rtr.Ieashaan (from RACCE) were the project chair persons. Accompanied by few other rotaractors, we started the journey of buying necessary items for the donation on 23rd of December . We all met in Pettah Floating Market around 1:30 pm and walked along the busy streets to collect the toys for kids. After a great seek we were able to find the sweetest toys of all time such as toy cars, spinning top toys, Rubik cubes and tennis balls. Next it was the time to search for candy and other edibles! We enjoyed the shopping a lot which lasted till around 03:00 pm
The forenoon of 24th of December was reserved for the mission of transforming the items into wrapped “gifts” . Nearly 15 Rotaractors were gathered in the Race Course area to wrap the items. Never we forgot to add some stationary items such as writing books, pens, pencils, pencil cases and also clothes to the gifts. Wrapping gifts brought a lot of laughter and happiness. Then the numerous gifts were ready for the distribution!

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After having our lunch, we separated into 3 teams and went around Colombo area to distribute the gifts.However it wasn’t as easy as we thought.
The kids welcomed us with their heartiest wishes for a Merry Christmas. It was our pleasure to see the pure and magical smiles of the kids who were delighted to receive the gifts. It reminded us of the value of volunteerism to serve the less served.
Not only on Christmas, its our continuous responsibility to bring smile to every child in this world whenever it is possible and make this world a better place. We are very proud with what we did and waiting to serve the community more. We together became Santa Clause for them!
•••••••••••••••• Christmas is for Everyone!❤ 🎄•••••••••••••••••


Written by-
Rtr. Deepika Srinivasan
Team Leader – PR 2019/20

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