Pongal Celebration -Pongal lights to enlighten their lives!

Have you celebrated Pongal before? If not check out how the kids at Morawinna Balika Child Development Center celebrated this Pongal!

Pongal lights to enlighten their lives!

As we continue the prominent project “Light up their world 2.0” by the Rotaract Club of SLIIT, we planned to celebrate the Pongal festival with the lovely kids at Morawinna Balika Child Development and Probation Center on 15th of January giving them a fascinating welcoming to the new year 2020. What was special in this episode, “Light up their world 2.0”, was that the children had some special visitors who came to visit them on this special festive day, which was a surprise for the kids.

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Pongal is a festival, which is mainly celebrated in India as well as in Sri Lanka. So what else can make it more special for the kids than to have celebrated it with the Indians!? These kids were very much priviledged to celebrate Pongal for the first time with the natives. The visitors for them were four loving Rotaractors from RAC SRM Kattankulathur (India).  They were in collaboration with the “Sentier” an international service project which was also organized by our club. The excitement the kids had in their faces when they got to know that few foreigners were coming to visit them was priceless.


“Ayubowan! We warmly welcome you all to Morawinna Balika!” That was how these beautiful souls welcomed the delegates and they did not take too much of time to be familiar with them. Before all, they were grouped into four with one delegate in each group, and they were given drawings related to Pongal to colour. Without a surprise, they all came up with fabulous outcomes. One thing which was highlighted when the kids worked with the foreign nationals was, that the language was never a barrier for communication. The kindness and humour between the two parties made enough sense to understand each other.

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The next activity was also a huge surprise for them. It was the “Rangoli Arts or Kolam Drawings”, in which patterns are created on the floor or the ground using materials such as coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals.

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Why would drawing Rangoli arts was a surprise?! One of their teachers have asked them to draw a Rangoli art on their books…. So they asked the rotaractors of the project to show them Rangoli Arts online since they have not seen those before! At that time we thought of darwing Rangoli arts with the kids one day and the dream of those kids became a reality! These kids were so excited to see those patterns. They came up with two beautiful patterns which astounded everyone.


Finally, the most enjoyable thing for the kids was to showcase dancing talents to Indian music. The girls had no fear of dancing with the dancing queens from India which made them happy and it was the part where they made lots of memories. The best about this dancing event was Rtr. Nandita (one of the delegates), who is capable of dancing in the same level of Priyanka Chopra, taught these kids new steps. The kids could not have a better dancing instructor than her.

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As Rotaractors what we needed to achieve in this project was teaching the kids about the different religions and about their culture, and most importantly to teach the small ones to respect every religion and to spread Love! We reckon, it is not a question anymore that we accomplished the aspiration in the best way possible.

Written by –

Rtr. Chamika Visal (Member 2019/20) & Rtr. Pulith Jayaratne (Director – Community Services 2019/20)

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  1. Supun says:

    Very enjoy and happy with children .


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