Feed a Stray 4.2

“It’s painful to stay hungry and not being able to speak….”

All of us are very lucky to feel the warmth, good care, tasty food, comfy shelters and every other cozy thing. But less fortunate stray animals don’t have any of these and they can’t even say it loud when they feel cold or hungry.

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Because of these reasons SLIIT Rotaractors decided to help stray animals whenever they can by initiating  the project “Feed a Stray” in 2016 and to keep up this worthy cause alive, for the 4th consecutive time, we made “Feed a Stray 4.0” into reality on the 11th of August 2019. After finishing the project all of us realized that doing this once a year is not enough for those poor animals. That’s when we decided we must do a phase 2 this year.

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With the aim of making the project bigger and better we started the phase 2 by collecting donations. The main motivation for people to donate was that we feed a stray animal in the names of each and everyone who donate for a meal. Day before the project date we printed all the names of people who contributed us with  donations and we made small cute name tags.

On 29th November 2019 around 9.30 am all the paw lovers gathered around SLIIT. Since it’s a new concept with the name tags, the task was explained first. After that we divided the crowd into two groups and started the journey of feeding the stray animals but our President and myself couldn’t go with them because there were no space in vehicles.

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Since we are die-hard pooch lovers we hired a “Tuk Tuk” and went around Malabe area searching for stray animals. After a few minutes ride we found a bunch of poorly fed dogs and gave them food and water, also we did not forget to put the name tags to thank those who made donations in making this event a success. Even the “3Wheel Aiya” also wanted to feed some stray animals and asked us “මල්ලී මාත් කෑම එකක් දෙන්නද?” and he really appreciated the good work we are doing.

After 2-3 hours later, the food given was finished but we fed many stray animals as we can, and everyone came back to SLIIT with happy faces. At the end of the day it was not just a project, but a day filled with love, joy and happiness.

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On behalf of paw lovers, a huge thank goes out to everyone who supported us with donations, who participated the project and who helped us in every possible way to give those poor animals a yummy meal and a “Better Tomorrow”.


Written by –

Rtr. Tharoon Madusanka

Vice president – Finance 2019/20

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