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What comes to your mind when you hear the word green plant? Well, it is a green leafed tree. If I add more science into it, a plant is a multi-cellular living organism, containing chloroplasts, which is also photosynthetic but lacking the ability to move. Above all, I would say that a plant is the breath of the world.

World Plant Power Day which is falling on 7th of March every year, is celebrated with the intention of demonstrating the importance and impact of consuming plant-based food. Simply, the benefits of being vegetarian. However, my intention is not to gab about this but to take you on a different path.


A plant is a powerhouse which stores the breath of the world. Every single plant standing erect or even decayed provides life to the Earth. The human beings inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon-dioxide but a plant (being a living organism) takes the opposite path by releasing Oxygen and absorbing Carbon-dioxide during photosynthesis. Plants do everything with a purpose! The purpose of this process is to make food! This endothermic process converts carbon dioxide into sugar and provides plant cells with the primary energy. Oxygen is a by-product of this. However, it is regarded as the main method of balancing the level of Oxygen in the atmosphere, which I believe it is not necessary to remind you that we would be gone if we do not receive the continuous supply of Oxygen. Also, the absorption of other toxic gases and dust leads the way to healthy life of us. Therefore being the provider of food and Oxygen, plants become a major determinant of Earth’s life.


Also, trees are the climate changers! Presence of trees makes sure the amelioration of climate by absorbing the Sun’s radiant energy, preservation of warmth and lower temperature, act as a shield against harsh wind and stormy rains, and control of greenhouse gas effect. The next first-rate service is penetration and conservation of water. Plants play a vital role in the water-cycle in which evaporation takes place. The shade provided by the trees and the transpiration process reduce the rate of water evaporation from water surfaces. This will also generate the benefit of moisturizing the environment. In the penetration process, trees act as sponges and let the storm water to touch the ground through trunks so that contaminated water will not meet ocean or other consumable water resources. Thus, water will be purified. The extra water will be stored in the trees and released slowly through soil while acting as a coolant. Apart from these, plants also prevent soil erosion. The steady cover provided by roots slows down the flow of water and prevents the wash away of soil. This will ensure both the nourishment of land and prevention of landscapes.

Not only the embryophyte, but also the macrophytes offer massive benefits to the Earth. Mangroves prevent the threat of tidal attacks such as Tsunami and reduces the pressure of coastal erosion. Hydrophytes ensures life under water and maintain the balance of eco-system. No, this isn’t the end. Plants provide habitat to organisms. Also, plants have the ability to absorb sounds. Thus, they reduce sound pollution too. The growth of plants will bring mental relief and break to the restless lifestyle. Trees have the natural healing power where it is proven that the patients exposed to nature recover soon. The variety of trees and the changes add color to the environment and convey the changes in the seasons. Not only the plants alive, the decaying plants too add nourishment to the soil which will ensure the sustenance.b2cb6e99035b0097dcb5205017006038

The above are the evidences in a nutshell to corroborate the power of plants. I believe the prevailing insufferable environmental temperature is a signal of the known or unknown self-destruction we created through destruction of forests. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to reforest the environment to guarantee the existence of us, reminding that the the Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.

Think green, save the Earth - slogan poster with recycling green arrows, recycle emblem


Written by :

Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20

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